2018 Visit Cornwall Accommodation Guide

2018 Visit Cornwall Accommodation Guide Rate Card

With even more accommodation options to choose from, and plenty of online booking agencies dominating Google searches, we felt the need to offer a new type of accommodation guide for our members. Many of our visitors, especially first time visitors, to the county have no idea where they would like to stay. This guide will help them make those initial decisions when planning their trip to our beautiful county. 

Our new ‘stay guide’ acts a shortlisting tool to help visitors compile a list of favourites they can then research online with a direct search, rather than a general area search, which is cluttered with paid for advertising. 

Please see the advert types and the prices for the 2018 Accommodation Guide below.



Artwork deadline for the 2018 issue is 30th September

VisitCornwall will be directly managing the production of the 2018 Stay guide. For more information please contact Ed Tarbox - ed@visitcornwall.com 

Terms and Conditions

1  No guarantee can be given regarding the exact period during which this publication will be distributed. 

2  No particular position can be guaranteed for any advertisement. Visit Cornwall reserves the right to decide the position of any advertisement. 

3  Cancellation Charges – Should you need to cancel your advertisement at any stage prior to printing, the following will apply: no refund will be made after full payment has been received and we cannot guarantee the advertisement will be removed from the listing.

4  If any copy or other material is not supplied within seven days of a request for the same, Visit Cornwall shall be at liberty to proceed with the printing in as complete a form as practicable, or omit the advertisement altogether at its discretion. 

5  The Advertiser shall be responsible for and shall indemnify Visit Cornwall against all losses, damages, costs and expenses by reason or on account of any libel or any infringement of copyright due to copy and/or photographs supplied by the Advertiser 
to Visit Cornwall which is or are used by Visit Cornwall for publication in print in the said publication. In case Visit Cornwall shall pay or be liable to pay any sum or sums of money in discharge of any such losses, damages, costs or expenses, the Advertiser shall be liable to pay the same to Visit Cornwall. 

6  Any advertisements published in the publication are carried on the assumption that they comply with the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act, 1968. The right to refuse copy for publication is therefore reserved by Visit Cornwall if it has reason to suspect that any advertisements do not comply with the provisions of the said Act. 

7  A proof of every standard format advertisement will be
sent to the Advertiser, who shall be responsible for checking
and, if necessary, correcting the proof, and for returning it
to Visit Cornwall, within the time allowed for this purpose.
No liability can be accepted by Visit Cornwall for any error whatsoever in an advertisement. Author’s minor alterations to the original copy, made at colour proof stage, will not be charged. 

8  If, accidentally or otherwise, an advertisement is omitted from the publication, Visit Cornwall shall be under no liability to the Advertiser, other than to make a refund of the advertisement charge.

9 If there is an error with an advertisement where Visit Cornwall is at fault we will offer a full refund but no further compensation.

10 The advertisement rates are strictly net.

11 Visit Cornwall reserves the right to reject any particular copy or layout, or to decline or reject any application for space in the publication at any time, without assigning a reason, whether the amount due in respect of the advertisement has been paid or not. In the event of an application being rejected after payment by the advertiser, a refund will be made.

12 Visit Cornwall will use every endeavour to ensure the due performance of the Contracts, but will not be responsible for any delay or cancellation caused by the inability to secure labour or materials, or as a result of any strike, lock-out or other labour dispute, or any other cause beyond its control.

13 Advertisers are expected to comply with the Government’s Voluntary Code of Booking Practice for Hotels and Guest Houses, where it is applicable (See across).

14 All advertisers must have the appropriate yearly assessment carried out by either the AA and/or VisitEngland or Visit Cornwall Recognised Inspection Scheme or signed up to the Visit Cornwall Accommodation Charter Scheme.


All prices quoted in advertisements must be inclusive of VAT.


A proof will be sent to you if your advertisement is standard format so that you might check it for designer errors or such minor alterations as new ownership or enforced changes to tariffs. Please note you will no longer receive a black and white proof of your advert but simply one colour proof.Any minor changes made at this stage will not incur a charge. Major alterations could incur heavy surcharges. Proofs must be returned within five days. On no account can the designer release original photographs or artwork until the Guide is completed. It is advisable to have duplicate photographs made for use in other publications.

The following is not applicable for self-catering: Code of Booking Practice

In common with the Statutory Tourist Boards, Visit Cornwall implemented, with effect from 1st June 1977, the Code of Booking Practice. This applies to hotels and guest houses with four or more guest bedrooms and has been introduced voluntarily.

The main object of the Code is to ensure that guests shall be clear, by being told in writing BEFORE taking up accommodation, what prices they will be obliged to pay, particularly the total obligatory charge. Such details should be supplied when the booking is being made and confirmed, in writing, at the point of reception.

Before a booking is taken up, establishments abiding by the Code are required to give the customer a card at reception stating the total charge for a room and meals included in the booking, taking account of Value Added Tax and any service charge. Certain other basic particulars about the accommodation will be included such as the provision or otherwise of a private bathroom.

Further information may be obtained from: Trading Standards Service,Cornwall Council,Unit 6, Threemilestone Industrial Estate, Threemilestone, Truro TR4 9LD.

Telephone: 0300 1234 191 Payments

All cheques should be made payable to Visit Cornwall.


Visit Cornwall accepts no liability arising from any mistake or error which may occur in any entry in the Guide whether or not due to any negligence on their part or on the part of their employees or agents.

All pages of this booking form are to be returned. It is essential that you take a photocopy for your records.