40th International Mining Games sponsorship opportunities

What are the International Mining Games?

The 40th International Mining Games will be hosted 29th March until 1st April 2018. The 2018 chapter will be hosted at King Edward Mine, near Camborne, the original home to CSM. With the games reaching its Ruby year they will be one of the best, surrounded by classical Cornish Mining Heritage and supported by the 10-metre-tall, fully functioning mechanical puppet that is the Man Engine.

The International Mining Games, is an event which enables students from across the globe to meet at a magnificent networking event within a constantly growing community. Around 350+ competitors are expected during the event from countries around the world such as Germany, Brazil, South Africa, USA, Canada and Australia.

The competition itself is held over 4 days, during which competitors compete in a series of 7 traditional mining disciplines to commemorate those who have lost their lives in the mining industry and to preserve those traditional methods for many years to come.

Twenty companies enabled CSM to host for the first time in 2012 which was a huge success with national media coverage. The competition events were open to the public, with over 1,000 local people coming daily, promoted through local print, radio and television media with additional coverage nationally in the Guardian. With 2018 being the 40th Ruby celebration, plans are well underway to make this the most expansive Games yet. Discussions are very promising for the inclusion of the Man Engine, a mechanical puppet of a miner over 10 meters tall that alone attracted over 149 thousand spectators and reached over 114 million people in the media, hopefully adding to the publicity surrounding the event.

Sponsor and play host to the Games

The Games organisers are seeking companies interested in sponsoring the competition as well as accommodation providers in or around the Camborne, Redruth and Falmouth areas.


There are five levels of sponsorship available for the 2018 competition, each offering a different level of exposure for your company, proportionate to the sponsorship contribution. If none of the offers are appropriate a discussion can be undertaken to negotiate a mutually agreed deal. More information on the sponsorship packages can be found in the Business Proposal or requested from a member of the Committee.


Playing host to the competitors requires suitable accommodation to be secured and the organisers are looking to work with accommodation providers in the region to arrange this. Forecasts suggest there will be around 350 competitors to accommodate for the duration of the games. Ideally, they would be hosted close to either the current base of CSM in Penryn or close to King Edward Mine.

Why get involved?

The International Mining Games is an event that brings together future leaders of the industry from all over the world presenting a wonderful opportunity for you to publicise yourself both to the students and the local community. By hosting the International Mining Games we can help continue the legacy of Cornish mining and promote the industry within the younger community.

As a local company, it is valuable for your customers to recognize your involvement in their community. Being associated with such a prominent event as the International Mining Games, which aims to be a heavily publicised, would give a positive message about your contribution to the future of the region and devotion to mining heritage.

Further information

Download the full business proposal.

Alex Perry, International Mining Games Captain
07804 615 886

Torin Bain, International Mining Games Accommodation Officer
07533 443130