Six to try: Spooky experiences in Cornwall

Bodmin Jail, Haunted Cornwall

If you fancy something a little spookier than trick-or-treat this Halloween we’ve got the perfect hair-raising experiences. Get ready for ghosts, ghouls and bloodcurdling screams!

Bodmin Jail - Bodmin

Prisons aren’t the most welcoming of places at the best of times but when they are positioned on the edge of the Bodmin Moor and have a long and character-filled past, the chill factor hits overdrive. Paranormal experiences are commonplace here and it’s little wonder; 50 public hangings took place at Bodmin Jail between 1785 and 1909 and many more prisoners were subjected to misery and despair in its crowded cells. 

Their paranormal jail tour allows you to explore the depths of Bodmin Jail and learn about the prisoners who lived and died behind its crumbling walls. Along with a look into the history of the Jail, you will find out about past sightings within the jail, which include orbs, strange shadows and sudden drops in temperature. You might even catch a glimpse of the restless spirits roaming the jail.

Or go for the full After Dark experience and spend the night walking around the dark, damp jail after a three course meal.  It can be a frightening experience. Eerie footsteps, rattling keys and dragging noises are often heard and ghostly figures are seen roaming the balconies. Dare you enter after dark?


Old Post Office, Tintagel

For a treat of tricks throuout October half-term, use a UV torch to uncover the spooky symbols hidden in the dark places of the Old Post Office and solve the puzzle to win yourself a bag of ghastly goodies.


Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle

The museums 2018 exhibition “Dew of Heaven, objects of Ritual Magic” is open until October 31st.  The exhibition looks at ritual magic through objects in the Museum’s collection focusing on objects we have which have given the exhibition a distinct emphasis on Aleister Crowley.


Pendennis Castle - Falmouth

As Henry VIII's handiwork to protect the Carrick Roads from invasion by France and Spain, Pendennis Castle was born amongst misery, hatred and violence – it’s little wonder then that more than a few ghostly guests linger in the shadows as a chilling reminder of the castle's colourful past. For a tantalising glimpse into the life that once was cross the drawbridge as darkness falls for an adult-only tour especially for Halloween.

Tiptoe around the dark and eerie rooms and hear tales of deadly deeds and strange happenings – you may be one of the lucky (or rather unlucky) ones to hear the piercing screams of a kitchen maid who fell to her death while carrying a tray of food. Creepy!


Jamaica Inn - Bodmin Moor

For a spine-tingling experience with maximum adrenaline head to Jamaica Inn, Cornwall's legendary coaching house. Standing high on Bodmin Moor this famous smuggling inn has it all; ghosts, spirits, mystery, smuggling, plotting and murder, they even host ghost nights!

You might hear the whispers of smugglers discussing their ill gotten gains or the clattering of horse’s hooves, or perhaps you’ll see the ghost of the Joss Merlyn, the villian of Daphne DuMaurier's novel. Complete the experience by taking the keys to your very own bedroom but be warned, a peaceful night’s sleep is not guaranteed!


Eden Project - Halloweden

Celebrate all that goes bump in the night as Eden invite you into a beautiful and mysterious world full of magical beasts and mythical creatures. Come face to face with roaming creatures as you wander around  the gardens. Venture on a spooky trail to seek out the hidden lairs and habitats where these intriguing creatures make their homes.

Explore the Beastly Bazaar, create a mysterious animal feed potion, and take away a precious amulet, an enchanted link to an animal friend. Dare to enter the Dangerous Animal Zone, open daily for the bravest (or, some would say, most foolhardy) visitor. Dare to take on a series of challenges (from the gruesome to the slimy) to uncover the antidote that could save a previous adventurer – but hurry, time is running out...
Plus on October 27th it's the Little Monsters' Ball Halloween disco
Get your fancy dress on and join us for an evening of fang-tastic fun, including a spine-tingling disco, fire dancing and acrobatics, and an ice rink to chill you to the bone...