Ali Pumfrey Chef

Ali Pumfrey is a bespoke caterer and private chef specialising in cooking healthy food using local suppliers in Cornwall. She made the move to Cornwall in 2020 to find a positive in what has been a surreal and strange year for most of us.

For Ali food has always played a key role in her life, from having an appreciation of the quality of ingredients from her half French and half Italian grandma to her regular family dinner sit downs at 6.30pm - food has always been a connector for Ali bringing people together at various points in her life. Ali decided in what has been a trying year for most to extend this to those around her and created a series of online cook-alongs where people could connect over food for one evening.

Ali discovered food whilst at Bristol university, being away from home gave her a chance to be independent and try out recipes of her own. She dabbled in chef work, working as a private chef for families on their summer breaks and fell in love with the experience fuelling her passion for cooking. After a stint working in marketing and sales at the 5 star luxury hotel, Rosewood London, Ali found herself drawn to the professional kitchens and their magical energy. She was in heaven with their glorious sights and smells, and the endless action they contained. She made the decision that instead of promoting the food she wanted to be producing it. Ali went on to enroll in a cookery course at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, graduating in 2016. After graduating Ali got straight to work working at various London restaurants such as Andrew Edmunds to Padella, to the famous River Cafe.


For Ali food is life, from a seed planted that flourishes into a vegetable, to the nourishment and happiness that is provided to the consumer. Ali Pumfrey Chef was born out of a love of providing high quality food to those around her.

Ali loves to connect people through cooking and to help them create memories for people through food. Cooking provides endless opportunities to be creative and to invent new flavour combinations to share with others. In a year that has been particularly disconnected for a large proportion of us, Ali decided to build on her idea of connecting people through food and took her cooking virtual, creating cooking classes online via Zoom, this way even though people were not together physically they were virtually. Ali found it “rather comforting amongst all of the frightening mayhem associated with the pandemic.’ Through food Ali was able to transport her attendees to exotic locations such as Cambodia through her Lok Lak Curry and give them a slice of comfort through her Crumbled Salted Caramel Millionaire Shortbread.

After experiencing one of Ali’s classes first hand it was undeniable the joy the shared activity brought to those involved, there were giggles, laughs and general comradery as everyone mucked in together to help each other get their recipe just right. Ali has said herself that nothing ‘gives her more joy than hearing the buzz in a room once my food has been served and people are enjoying the sensation from their taste buds”


Ali has created two health focused cooking classes this January for those who want to learn how to make nourishing food with maximum flavour. There is The Veganuary Special on Jan 7th and The Health Kick Spread on Jan 14th. Ali would love for you to join the A.P. Chef Cooking Crew and learn how to make a new dish all from the comfort of your own home. Tickets are still available at the following link: Ali Pumfrey – apchef