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The FREE Avalon App has been created to help you explore Cornwall's place in the story of King Arthur.  Much of the story is based in fact. Even the most fanciful and magical stories can also be explained if you learn about life in the early medieval 'dark ages'. What we do know is that since the early bronze age Cornwall traded with the known world in valuable metals, particularly Tin, Gold and Copper. This provided the wealth needed to secure a relatively peaceful existence throughout the early medieval period in the South West of Britain. Cornwall also stayed independent of the rest of England after the border was drawn at the Tamar by Athelstan in AD936.

The earliest references place many of the most important Arthurian events in Cornwall and the Avalon App includes a well researched summary of the story in relation to the Cornish sites mentioned in the manuscripts - from Arthur's conception to the last battle and the King's final journey to Avalon. Scroll through the list of sites or click on them on the interactive map. Each site is also provided with the nearest Postcode to help with navigation.

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The app is available for Iphone and Android and was funded by The Arthurian Heritage Trust with the content provided free of charge by The Arthurian Centre and North Cornwall Heritage.




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