Ben Fogle's dream destination

Ben Fogle is every bit in love with Cornwall as we are with him...

"When I am far away from home, in a foreign land I often dream of England. I close my eyes and I conjure up the perfect landscape. It has green rolling hills spilling onto rugged cliffs that soar from azure blue waters. Nearby, colourful fishing boats line a picture perfect harbour while seagulls wheel above. The air is rich with salt. The sun warms my bare arms. It is Cornwall.

I have always loved Cornwall, ever since I first visited St Ives as a young boy. I have since returned many times over the years. I have explored the rich depths of its coastline by free diving, scuba and even in a diving bell. I have sailed, kayaked and rowed gigs through the Atlantic waters and I have explored the many coves and bays along its breathtaking coastline.

I have performed on the world's greatest stage at the Minack Theatre hand hewn into the cliffs and I have pruned the weeds dangling from the precipitous walls of St Michaels Mount. I have floated high above the Eden Project domes in a hot air balloon holding the Olympic torch and I have furry danced through Helston. I have explored tales of pirates, mermaids and shipwrecks and walked much of Cornwall’s coastal path. I have sheltered from the rain and wind of Bodmin Moor and have been wild swimming.

I can remember every detail of each encounter. You see Cornwall has a timelessness. It is dramatic, ethereal, mysterious, rugged and bewitching. She (I am sure she is feminine because I have never known beauty like hers) has the ability to make you believe Britain has an eternal, never ending summer. She takes you back to a simpler happier time. If I close my eyes I can see her now."