Blast off to space at the Eden Project this summer

Journey into space at the Eden Project

Cornwall’s Eden Project will boldly go on an epic Journey into Space this summer (July 27 to September 3) with its biggest, most ambitious season of activities yet. Journey into Space will include the chance to train as an astronaut, go on a breath-taking interplanetary tour and you might even meet an alien.

A mysterious crash-site has appeared at Eden and extra-terrestrial investigators will get the opportunity to explore it and help a team of scientists find out what happened, but beware aliens may be lurking nearby.

The centrepiece will be a Solar System Safari, which will take visitors on a spectacular journey through all eight planets in our solar system. They will experience a unique environment based on the conditions on each planet. This will include a trek through the inhospitable icy wasteland of Uranus, the chance to witness gas giant Jupiter rising from the vantage point of its moon Europa and a beautiful fly-by of Earth before landing in its lush vegetation, learning why it is uniquely placed to support life.

A prototype of NASA’s next Mars rover, due to launch for the red planet in summer 2020 will be on display.  Visitors will be able to get experience programming and driving one by remote link using a video feed to see where they’re going. Younger visitors will also be able to learn what it takes to become an astronaut, including practicing their spacewalk technique in a giant inflatable dome.

Alongside all this there will be a scale model of the International Space Station to view and an exhibition of images from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.  A season of talks and workshops from space experts will also take place across the summer.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during Journey Into Space, the Eden Project will be open until 8pm.

Find out more about the Eden Project here.