Book, Respect, Protect & Enjoy

Book, Respect, Protect & Enjoy

As of July 19th England has moved to Step 4, this means..

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Cornwall this summer, it's liable to be very busy. Please book accommodation in advance, and be aware that although attractions, shops, restaurants, and pubs etc will be open, they may still decide to have restrictions on the number of people that can safely be inside the building. Again, many attractions, pubs and restaurants may need you to book in advance, so be prepared.

We would also suggest you....

  • Test yourself and your family before setting out and while you are in Cornwall
  • Get your jab when offered and make it a priority before you set out on holiday; ideally 14 days before hand so you have the most protection
  • Help local health services by bringing your medication with you and calling your own GP if needed whilst away
  • Please call 111 instead of turning up at a hospital, unless it’s a life-threatening emergency. Our hospitals are working at full capacity, and with a higher than usual number of people visiting because of travel restrictions, we need your help to protect them from being overwhelmed
  • Be aware of the anxiety some may be feeling as they emerge from restrictions
  • Respect those who choose to wear masks


Book , Respect, Protect & Enjoy

To look after yourself, others, the environment, and our local community, and to ensure you have the best holiday, please remember the following…

Book:  Book ahead, and just like last year it’s not just the accommodation that you may need to book in advance, dining out, attractions and activities are all going to be busy. Book ahead to ensure you can get the most out of your stay in Cornwall and are not disappointed.

Respect:  Please respect the countryside by keeping to the countryside code and respect local communities, as well as other visitors, by always showing tolerance and patience. Across the region you may encounter staff shortages and delays in shops, restaurants etc. Please be understanding and accept that people are doing the best they can in unusual circumstances.

Protect:  Just because Step 4 has done away with all remaining limits on social contact, and there will be no more restrictions on how many people can meet in any setting, indoors or outdoors, don’t forget that the COVID virus is still out there. Continue to follow the public health guidance, Hands, Face, Space and respect the wishes of shops, bars, restaurants etc if they have specific guidelines.

Enjoy:  Please enjoy your stay in Cornwall and we hope you have a holiday that creates memories that will last a lifetime. At the same time please be aware that others wish to enjoy their holidays too and don’t do anything to stop them doing so. If a beach is crowded, a car park full, drive somewhere else or come back the next day a little earlier. It’s going to be a different summer to others, so please be patient.


If you are looking for somewhere to stay, try our Offers and Late availability pages, or if you are on Facebook join our new group. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to Cornwall. It’s still going to be a little different from normal, but we would rather you were safe and have a good time, take care and enjoy your holiday.

Cornwall doc's top tips for Summer 2021: How to keep your family safe and healthy

RNLI & lifeguards: Many of our Cornish beaches will have lifeguards on them this summer, please Respect the information and guidance they display, it's for your safety.

The Countryside Code: Always try to observe the Countryside Code, be it on the coast, on the moors and even in towns.