Cornwall Hugs Grenfell


Imagine if we could put a Cornish holiday on the horizon of every Grenfell resident and firefighter family: a time to rest, a time to let our beautiful county bless these people and work it’s gentle magic

Since Grenfell Tower fire which killed 72 people on June 14, 2017, Visit Cornwall has been happy to support Cornwall Hugs Grenfell in its initiative to provide holidays of hope by the sea. The week after the tragedy, people all over Cornwall responded to a post on Facebook with offers of holidays, transport, funds for days out and more. Well over 300 weeks of accommodation have been offered, many by Visit Cornwall members. Since the initiative began, 398 Grenfell survivors, the bereaved, the displaced and firefighters have visited Cornwall for respite and to make new memories. More will come on holiday this Summer. 

You can see news coverage and pledge your offer or donation on the charity's website at or follow on social media: @CornwallHugs. 

Cornwall is a number one holiday destination that could provide those affected with a beautiful holiday or day out. The Cornish people have been extremely generous so far and for that we thank you.

‘Visit Cornwall members have been enormously generous in offering accommodation. Hosts have told us how rewarding the experience has been and we’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all your members who’ve given this precious gift of respite. One bereaved mother of four described the family’s stay in Cornwall as ‘indescribable natural therapy’ and another as a ‘turning point’ in their healing. Your kind actions really do make a difference!’  Esmé Page, Founder, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell