Cornwall Live From A Drone


Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but has anyone ever done a live flight via Facebook before? Visit Cornwall have teamed up with Aerostream, who have developed a set of live streaming services, the first of its kind in the UK, to take you on a journey through the skies of Cornwall in a risky, yet unique way. Who knows what will be caught on camera, but what we do know is that we are in store for some incredible views through real-time recording.


As a UK first, join us for a live social stream as we explore Cornwall from 400 feet above sea level. Aerostream are taking this technology revolution to the next level. Quite literally. Experience three beautiful locations from the skies, streamed live on the Visit Cornwall Facebook page for 20-25 minutes a per flight.


Aerostream is part of Bad Wolf Horizon Ltd. - aerial media specialists, based in Cornwall. Bad Wolf Horizon's 2017 showreel was viewed by over 150,000 people and shared by over 1000 people on Facebook alone making the 2017 showreel the most viewed drone video in the South West. With 2018 introducing new technologies, Aerostream and Visit Cornwall are taking it one step further to push new boundaries.


Join us on the Visit Cornwall (@ilovecornwall) Facebook page from the 12th June over three consecutive days for a new kind of drone experience, or find out more at


19:00PM Newquay – Wednesday 13th June

19:00PM Falmouth –Thursday 14th June

19:00PM St Ives –Friday 15th June