Cornwall's coastline in winter

Kynance Cove

Cornwall’s Coastline in Winter: an Urban Instagrammer’s view

Cornwall is rightly famous for it’s beautiful coastline and we regularly see wonderful photography and video of the golden sands and turquoise water, that a warm summer can result in. What we see less of, is the county’s rugged, moody beauty in the depths of winter.

In early January 2014 Ashley Lewis a London-based professional photographer and Instagrammer, whose feed is usually famed for capturing unique shots of the City of London, spent a week in Cornwall and published his tour of the Cornwall coastline in Winter via his Instagram account @ash.

The results are stunning. 

“I live in a London borough and spend a lot of time travelling in and out of the city,” said Ash, explaining why he chose to spend some time photographing Cornwall.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of London and head down to somewhere renowned for being, first of all, visually stunning, and secondly, for having a much slower pace. I was also looking for some new areas for me to explore.”   

For Ash it is Cornwall’s terrain that was a key attraction. 

“From taking walks through fields and over moors. To standing on the edge of cliffs and dipping your toes in the surf, it's all fantastic. If you like hiking and being outdoors in the elements, then I think Cornwall is an amazing place to go. Anyone who loves the outdoors, the sea and exploring will not be disappointed.”

It is also the terrain that made Cornwall such a good photography subject, and such a contrast to Ash’s more usual subjects. 

“Sometimes we can be tricked into thinking the world is a place of roads and buildings, but really it’s quite the opposite. I loved exploring and shooting photos of the natural sights, from cliff faces, the sea, rolling hills to insane storm clouds coming towards me. There’s so much to see and my list of places I want to visit in Cornwall has only got longer.”

 For a photographer so used to spending time in the city, the stand out moment of the trip were the sunsets. Particularly the very last sunset of the trip: 

“We were there at a very special and apparently rare time of year where the tide is out at Kynance Cove while the sun is setting behind the headlands. From being the first people to put footprints in the sand and to walk around in what I can only describe as a wonderland was an incredible experience.” 

 Ash also feels that travelling around Cornwall in the winter encourages us to be more adventurous and explore more areas that we may not during the height of summer, plus it’s the perfect time to experience Cornwall like a local.

“Summer time is a surfer’s paradise and you’d have to pay me to not be in the sea. Also, everywhere is quite busy. During winter the pace is slower and that’s the time to experience Cornwall like a local. Hit the beach in winter and you’ll have the odd local out in the surf, and that's about it. Winter is the time to experience a different side, the palette changes and everything just looks more moody in winter. Plus who doesn’t like to be caught out in the rain and having that feeling of going home to sit in front of a fierce warm fire.”

Below are 10 of our favourites picked from Ash's collection. For more fantastic photos of Cornwall, follow our live photo diary on Instagram here @loveCornwallUK tag your photos #loveCornwall #livefromCornwall and we'll regram our favourites. Follow Urban Instagrammer Ash here @ash or #ashinCornwall.