Film: A Cornish Love Story

Film: A Cornish Love Story

How a couple’s chance meeting in Cornwall led to romance, and how a pair of walking boots and the Cornish coast kept them together.

About the couple in the film

The couple we featured in 'A Cornish love story' are Tania and Adam Clark, who both work at Bedruthan Hotel, Mawgan Porth. Adam runs Red Stuff and Wild the in house brand of preserves and pickles. Tania moved from London to Cornwall 8 years ago and Adam 6 years ago.

How the film came about...

Earlier in the Summer my partner (in life and work) and I were filming at Sennen Cove, at sunset and there were love stories being played out all around us, young couples, old couples, strolling on the beach, fooling around in the water, drinking wine. These landscapes inspire grand gestures, they remind you of what is important. As my old friend says;

"...If you stormed the main stage and grabbed the microphone, just before the bouncers dragged you off, and you got to shout one word, just one, at the mass, it would have to be LOVE."

When it came to filming a love story, it was important for us to find one that had some twists and turns, was rooted in Cornwall and just made us feel good.

Tania sent me an email responding to a notice we put up, and we loved their story. It’s also a love affair with Cornwall. Adam was a chef in some of the best restaurants in London, he worked with Marco Pierre White, cooked for Madonna, and lived a fast and glamorous life. When he met Tania and had their baby Daisy this lifestyle was no longer sustainable. Then Tania was made redundant from her job in the fashion industry, and they saw an opportunity to move to Cornwall. They both work at the Bedruthan Hotel, on the North Cornish coast. Adam is a wild food fanatic and makes all the pickles and preserves for the hotel, Red Stuff and Wild. They live nearby and now walk the coast path with their children.

Tania and Adam were great fun and shared with us the painful parts of their story as well as the happy ones. We filmed them in early January and the sun made the briefest appearance as they were walking along the beach. Condensing their life into a two minute film was tricky, but we decided to focus on the walking boots - this seemed a good way of telling their story. Love is as much about timing and being in the right place as finding the right person.

We decided to illustrate the film with still photographs, these are after all, our reference points, our memories, and so evocative. We had Tania and Adam’s photo’s but needed others, so we used Flickr, which is an amazing resource - just thousands of wonderful photos from the most amazing landscapes to kooky portraits and of course some enigmatic animals.

Watch a Cornish love story here. We hope you enjoy it.

Emma George
De Facto Films