The Garden of Eden

In light of his failing health, a Buddhist monk grew fearful that his garden of rare camellias would have no one to look after them once he passed away; believed to have as many as 100 to 300 species, the Japanese flowers are commonly known for their spirals of dainty pink petals, not dissimilar to delicate pinecones that flutter in the breeze.

Much to the comfort of the ageing monk, a suitable location was found that was willing to take cuttings of the ancient shrubs and preserve his life’s work – just under 10,000 kilometres away in Truro’s Tregothnan Gardens, priding themselves upon their protection of rare species no matter the distance.    

Cornwall’s climate has nurtured a rich history of gardens, and Japanese flora has coloured a host of meditative spaces with an exotic flare. The Japanese Garden of St Mawgan relaxes beneath a canopy of Japanese maples, the orange glow of pagoda lanterns reflect over the koi pond at Pinetum Gardens while toad lilies and a Japanese swale are just two of the country’s impressions upon the unique biome landscape of the Eden Project.

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