A locals guide to Cornish Summer Time

Ever wonder how the other half lives? Here’s a peek into what it’s like to live in Cornwall when Cornish Summer Time kicks in from 1st May. We’re not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome…

We’ve ditched the boots
By May flip-flops are the footwear of choice in Cornwall. Yes, we might be hanging onto a cosy jumper or two but you can pretty much guarantee that 99.9% of the population has ditched the winter boots and are giving their tootsies the first rays of summer. Go on, roll up your trousers and free those toes.

Credit: John Millar

We’ve already had our first bbq of the year (and the second, and the third…)
Beach, cliff-top, random field…we’ve been there, done it and planning the next one.


We’re going for an early morning dip…
We might look a bit crazy running down the beach when the sun has barely risen but there’s nothing more refreshing – and Cornish – than a sea swim before breakfast.

Sea swimming

…or for an after work SUP paddle
When the evenings are lighter the gym is a no-go zone. We get our exercise with a dose of sea air and adventure. Quick grab of the board and away we go. Idyllic? Yes. Are we doing it again tomorrow? Absolutely.

Credit: Marek Churcher

Cornish ice cream is our go-to snack
We admit that Cornish ice cream rarely gets side-lined whatever the time of year but by early summer it has worked its way back up as kingpin in our daily diet. There’s no calories if we eat it quickly, right?!

Credit: Adam Gibbard

Our social media feeds are full of pictures of beaches and coastline
When there’s so much on our doorstep competition is rife to bag the most impressive shot of turquoise waters or golden sands. We’re all being tourists in our hometowns and busy posting about our adventures. Yes we’re bragging but when you live in such a beautiful part of the world you just can’t help it! #sorrynotsorry

Credit: Matt Jessop

Our car boots are full of sand
Open most car boots here in Cornwall and we bet you’ll find enough sand to make a small beach. Daily paddles in the sea, sandy dog walks and rockpool rambles have got to have some drawbacks and we can live with this one!

We’re cracking open a bottle of something Cornish on an alfresco picnic.
Top tip: with the sun on your face and salt in the air, St Austell Brewery’s Korev goes down particularly well!

We’ve already got our mits on tickets for our fave annual events
There’s always a flurry of early summer annual events and you can be assured that the locals have had them in their diary since, well, as soon as last year’s event was over. In-the-know locals are always at the front of the queue for tickets to the likes of the Masked Ball and the Electric Beach Festival – a sure sign of a fantastic event!

Our camping bags are packed
Tents and sleeping bags at the ready for if the weather forecast looks good, it’s good-bye house and hello campsite. No hesitation needed.

Credit: Bob Berry

We’re checking the surf report every hour
We love to keep an eye on the weather but we’re even more obsessed with the surf report. When the surf is good, there’s little that will keep us from hitting the beach. 


Fancy getting in on the action? Holiday like a local and enjoy Cornwall Summer Time by visiting in May and June.