National Marine Week 2022

There are wonders to be found – buried in sparkling sand, under the green, pink and brown seaweeds in the rockpools, and beneath the shining ripples of our coastal waters. During the Wildlife Trusts’ summer celebration of all things coastal – National Marine Week – Cornwall Wildlife Trust are offering people of all ages the chance to join experts and volunteers as they seek out marine treasures. There’s so much to discover, from shells on the beach to dolphins and whales swimming by. For more info, click here.

Participants will find that the deeper we look into the nature of our coastline, the more wondrous the detail of each: sharp-toothed shannies, predatory dog whelks, suckered starfish and squirting sea cucumbers, to name just a few rockpool stars.

Cornwall’s coastline is the longest of any county in the country, surrounding us to the north, south and west. We all realise how it strongly influences our climate and weather and supports our economy, but for those of us who are lucky enough to live in Cornwall, who might be regular sea users, coastal walkers, beachcombers or surfing dudes, the sea is something that improves our moods and sense of well-being whenever we visit, as explained in this blog all about the draw of the sea.

Another important feature of National Marine Week is that it contributes to citizen science: every sighting counts. By recording what we see, as well as learning about coastal and marine species, we also contribute to science and conservation by providing crucial knowledge and evidence. Check out our guide to what you might find in the rockpools on Cornish beaches here. 

And if your really keen on discovering what's going on beneath the waves, the National Lobster Hatchery at Padstow is offering kids the chance to become Mini Marine Biologists this summer, who knows, you might become the next David Attenborough? 

There are plenty of ways to explore Cornwall's varied wildlife while you are down here on holiday, check out our Things to do pages, for everything from kayaking into seacaves, meeting orphaned seals, even swimming with sharks off Penzance!