THE PIG’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie Recipe

A friendly and relaxed country hotel, THE PIG at Harlyn Bay has an inviting bar, cosy lounges all with open fires, sink in sofas, eclectic interiors and serves unfussy and hyper-local food in its restaurant. With an obsessive commitment to home grown local produce and a serious love of all things local, the garden and kitchen teams work hand in hand to create the restaurant's 25-mile menu, which is supported by local farmers and small producers, who supply anything that the team cannot grow or produce themselves. Our Kitchen Garden team work through the seasons and you can expect some seriously hearty food this Autumn/ Winter. One of our favourites at this time of year is our delicious pud, our homemade Spiced Pumpkin Pie made with pumpkins from our patch!

THE PIG’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie Recipe 

Fancy making a PIGGY classic at home? Here’s how…  

What you’ll need: 

  • 500g Cooked pumpkin flesh 
  • 1 x Tin condensed milk 
  • 100g Soft light brown sugar 
  • 2½g Salt 
  • 100g Whole eggs 
  • 20g Egg yolk 
  • 1 x Zest of lemon 
  • 10g Ground cinnamon 
  • 5g Ground ginger 
  • 2g Ground nutmeg 
  • 2g Ground cloves 
  • 2g Ground cardamom 
  • Pastry cases


What to do:  

For the pumpkin: 

Cut into 8, seeds removed, in a gastro with a lid. Steam/Roast 100% Moisture 190°c for 20-30minutes until soft all the way through. 

Remove the lid and steam/roast for a further 10 minutes 190°c, 50% moisture until starting to brown. 

Replace the lid and chill. Scoop out the cooked flesh and discard the skins.  

For the Pie: 

In a blender, mix the eggs, zest, sugar, salt and all spices until pale and glossy. 

Add the cooked squash and blend until smooth. Make sure there are no lumps or unblended spices in the mixture. 

Scrape the mixture into a bowl and add the remaining condensed milk. Mix well and pour into lined/blind baked pastry case.

Bake @ 160°c, fan 3, 100% humidity for 25 minutes, or until a knife come out clean. Cool at room temperature and then tuck in! 


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