They say the Cornish way is like no other – we call it Attes


Research shows that 76% of Brits are too stressed to have fun and 89% think that life is too serious… Please welcome, The Art of Attes.

Attes, is a Cornish word meaning a mixture of relaxed, unhurried and easy-going.

2016 saw the Hygge trend reach its peak, with huge numbers of us embracing this Danish art of living. Now a new lifestyle trend is predicted to be The Next Big Thing; This summer – scrap cuddling up on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and watching rain drizzle down the windows, and instead simply sign up to Attes – embrace the Cornish attitude and channel a laid-back, easy-going approach to life - wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Geddon!

‘How can I be more Attes?’ we hear you cry! Gerys-da (top dog!) psychologist and life coach, Honey Langcaster-James is on hand with a few handy tips:

1. Use your animal instinct. Animals are far less complicated than humans so spend time around them, stroke a cat, play with a dog, or just ‘monkey’ around. 
2. Attes is all about being friendly. Say ‘Hello’ or as we say in Cornwall “Alright? Yeah you?” and strike up conversation with strangers when you’re catching a bus, standing in a queue, or in a lift. Any place where they can’t just walk away from you is ideal. 
3. Make a splash! The Cornish have long had an affinity with water. Introduce water therapy into your daily routine by taking a brisk cold shower in a morning. It’s brrrrrrilliant for your mood.
4. Ultimately all you need to do is kick-back, grab an ice cream and bleedy geddon!

The Kelly’s School of Cornish is educating the masses on all things Cornwall, from Cornish language translations to showcasing the Cornish lifestyle. To achieve an Attes state of mind for yourself, download The Art of Attes guide at