Tourism for a #strongereconomy campaign

We were recently invited to be part of the Cabinet Office SW’s #strongereconomy campaign which focuses on the impact of tourism in creating a healthy and robust economy. As well as celebrating amazing successes from across the sector, the campaign harnesses impressive stats to showcase just how important tourism is as an industry.

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment and messaging of the campaign. There’s no end of case studies and stats to back up the argument for tourism as Cornwall’s powerhouse industry.

We created two short videos for the campaign, featuring our CEO, Malcolm Bell. One video highlighted the significant impact that the BBC One hit Poldark series has had on visitor numbers and the other emphasised the importance of tourism related employment. The videos were shared across social media with the Poldark edition clocking up over 16,000 impressions making it the best performing video of the whole campaign – the power of Poldark strikes again!

Take a look here: Poldark or Employment