The ultimate Cornish pasty faux pas

Here in Cornwall we've always been fiercely proud of the Cornish pasty so in celebration of St Piran’s Day - Cornwall’s national day held on 5th March - we've come up with the ultimate pasty faux.

It is well known that it’s a complete no-no to order a cappuccino after 11am in Italy and that it’s madness to spread butter on your croissant in France. These faux pas are part of that culinary etiquette and although tongue-in-cheek, if followed can only make enjoying a Cornish pasty even more satisfying!

Please note: this is in no way scientific, research-based or factual - the 'rules' have been compiled entirely as a result of the Visit Cornwall team's expertise in pasty making, eating and culinary judgment ;)



Do you agree? Disagree? Perhaps you can add some 'rules' of your own. Let us know below.