Welcome to Cornwall International

Friday 4 March  2016

09:30 – 17:00hrs

NfET Offices, 79 Mount Wise, Newquay

Welcome to Cornwall International mixes customer service training with destination knowledge and is designed to inspire people employed within tourist related businesses to share their passion for the county and give a genuine warmth of welcome to international visitors.

The programme will be delivered as a one day ‘interactive’ workshop, delivered by experienced and accredited tutors, with guest presenters. The workshop will promote the diversity of tourism, both in terms of colleagues delivering the service and the visitors we welcome.

The main elements of the programme are:

Welcome to Cornwall

  • Identify and locate the range of tourism, leisure and hospitality services in Cornwall
  • Understand who visits Cornwall and your organisation, and identify what they need and expect
  • Meet, manage and, whenever possible, exceed customer expectations
  • Present information on Cornwall in an inspiring way
  • Identify methods of boosting business and develop your sales skills 
  • Deal effectively with difficult situations

People 1st World HostTM Service across Cultures

  • The importance of overseas tourism to your business
  • How their own culture and traditions can affect their view of others, and how to avoidmaking assumptions
  • Common myths about some of the UK’s biggest overseas markets – and the truth behind them
  • Tips and techniques to help them communicate with customers if there is a language barrier
  • How to become a ‘people to people ambassador’

Communicating with Cornwall’s International Visitors

  • Demographic of European Visitors
  • Top non-English overseas visitors by value (money spent)
  • Reasons for visiting
  • Top places they visit
  • Types of attractions they visit
  • What type of information would European Visitors appreciate
  • Phrases in common European languages i.e. Greetings, information about the facilities, handling complaints, giving directions and dealing with emergencies

At the end of the day there will be a multiple choice examination.

£10 per person

Normally £75 per person. Funding has been secured through the South West Tourism Growth Fund. Paperwork will need to be undertaken with each individual prior to the commencement of the course.

For more information and to book contact Claire at NfET claireevans@nfet.co.uk 01637 871067