Who is Cornwall: Roo Cross, founder of Roo's Beach

Roos Beach, Newquay

The sun was trying desperately to make an appearance as we walked across the sand at Porth to Roo’s Beach for their annual Summer Party. Roo's Beach is an independent lifestyle store with a difference – it’s not just your average clothing and lifestyle store, it’s a place to that allows you to have a girl crush, be influenced and inspired plus have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Roo's Beach

As we reached the entrance, we couldn’t help but notice the taco van parked outside – tacos, yes, we love tacos! We knew that we were in for a good evening when we heard the DJ playing everyone’s favourite summer tunes, a huge pink cake perched on the Levi’s table and Roo running around handing out glasses of Aperol Spritz. We managed to steal Roo away from her guests for a few moments to catch up with her about the inspirations and motivations behind Roos Beach.

Roos Beach, Newquay

Image: Summer Party Cake by @lara_ladyvale_bakery

Thanks for having us this evening, Roo! To start off, tell us a little about yourself and your early career?

My background is actually in sales and design! Having working in advertising when I left University I then re-trained as a Florist and then soon after as a Garden Designer - I ran my own Garden Design business for about 7 years and then I decided to move to Cornwall in 2012.

A florist, how interesting. So what exactly inspired you to start Roo’s Beach then?

I just felt that there was a huge gap in the market. I wasn’t aware of a relaxed lifestyle brand with lots of colour that wasn’t age specific. I felt like a lot of brands weren’t being represented in Cornwall and they really should have been. I love the fact our customers get as excited about new finds as much as we do and that is my main motivation everyday.

Roo's Beach

Roo's Beach

How exactly would you describe the fashion scene in Cornwall?

Eclectic, individual, creative and relaxed. There’s a free thinking approach to how people dress and there are very few rules. People just put things together in a truly original way and I think anything goes. 

Roos Beach, Newquay

Image: Hair feathers by Ro. @Ro.hair

We have to agree. Why did you decide to stay in Cornwall to open Roo’s Beach and not flee to places such as London?

We moved to Cornwall for a lifestyle change and since then I’ve worked harder than ever before! I love visiting London and other big cities to get inspired and immerse myself in the culture and fashion but I wouldn’t want to live there. I love the fact that we’re bringing newness and something original to Cornwall and UK and I think that’s really exciting.

We’ve noticed that you do quite a lot of cool stuff over social media. What are your favourite social media platforms and why?

Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform - for me it’s easy and I can work with it with my limited technical know-how! It’s a perfect way to interact with customers and to show off what we do on a daily basis. We have so many positive comments about our Instagram campaign and customers really connect with us via this media. Follow Roo’s Beach on Instagram @roosbeach.

Roos Beach, Newquay

And finally, what are your plans for Roo’s Beach going forward?

We just want to carry on building the brand and consolidate on what we have. We will continue to evolve and buy well each season plus continue to introduce new-ness to the mix. We are concentrating on our online offering to make us more accessible to a wider group of customers. We are also really excited to announce that we will be introducing a menswear collection to AW18. People constantly ask us to stock menswear, so menswear is what we will introduce!

Find Roo’s Beach at Alexandra Road, Porth, Cornwall, TR7 3NB or head over to https://roosbeach.co.uk