Pinetum Garden Cottages

Moongate 7 - Front Lawn
Moongate 4 - Living Room
Moongate 7 - Bedroom
Japanese Garden
Cottage Garden
Moongate 6 - Kitchen
Moongate 6 - Living Room
Moongate 1 - Living Room
Moongate 1 - Main Bedroom
Moongate 1 - Entrance
Moongate 4 - Bathroom
Moongate 2 - Living room
Moongate 3 - Bedroom
Japanese Garden
Winter Garden
Moongate 4 - Entrance
Pinetum Garden Cottages
Pinetum Gardens
St Austell
PL25 3RQ
Dog Friendly
Pinetum Gardens is a place of tranquillity and peace set within stunning parkland and some of Cornwall's most spectacular champion trees.

As a part of your stay you will also have around the clock access to our little piece of paradise, so feel free to take a romantic stroll around the gardens and watch the last drops of sunlight dance their way over the lake and through the trees. Become one with the wildlife and immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the sound of birdsong and watch the ducks waddle while you enjoy your morning coffee. You may even be lucky to get a visit from our resident deer.

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