Gwenver Beach

Gwenver Beach

Thought to get its name from Guinevere, the mythical wife of legendary Cornish King Arthur, the beach is located at the base of steep granite cliffs and with its difficult access stops the beach from ever getting too crowded. Providing some of the best surfing conditions in Cornwall, Gwenver attracts experienced locals with its ever present large waves and is a favourite haunt for dogs and their owners. Located in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the beach itself is sandy and around 150 metres long and at low tide joins up with its neighbouring beach at Sennen. The views from the cliffs are spectacular and on fine, clear days the Isles of Scilly can be seen far out to sea

Parking: Car park above the beach

Dog Friendly


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  • Lifeguard cover (Spring/Summer)

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Gwenver Beach
Sennen Cornwall TR19 7DG

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