Press release: 21 Dec 2012

Three new research reports which bring together the views of visitors and residents, and consider the economic impact of tourism, have revealed the resilience and importance of Cornwall’s tourism industry.

Encouragingly, despite challenging trading conditions, all three reports have a positive outlook and present a commonality between the favourable viewpoint towards tourism among those that live in Cornwall and those that visit.

A particular highlight from the Community Attitudes Survey 2012, which delves into the effect tourism has on communities and on the lives of locals, identifies that 89% of residents feel that tourism is good for Cornwall and of those, 64% believe it to be of great benefit. Choices of places to eat, providing jobs/employment and preservation of the environment and buildings were all singled out as welcoming tourism attributes. This is positivity echoed by visitors with almost nine in ten rating their trip as very good in the Cornwall Visitor Survey 2012 Autumn Progress Report.

As an insight into Cornwall’s visitor profile, the interim Cornwall Visitor Survey 2012 report also identifies the average visitor as being aged 35 or older with no children in the household and falling within the ABC1 socio-economic group. Confirming the loyalty of Cornwall’s visitors, the report also notes that 90% have visited before and that most visitors come from Devon (11%) followed by Greater London, Somerset, and the West Midlands (5%) to stay an average of 7 nights.

Malcolm Bell, Head of Visit Cornwall, Cornwall Development Company’s tourism service, comments: “The positivity of a visitor’s experience in Cornwall and the attitude of locals towards tourism are inter-linked so it is heartening to see these reports produce such positive findings. We have a strong tourism industry in Cornwall and the results of these reports should be celebrated and offer confidence for the year ahead.”

The strength of Cornwall’s tourism industry is reiterated further in the latest Value of Tourism report which states that in 2011, as well as contributing £1.8 billion to the local economy through visitor related spend, tourism accounted for 25% of all employment and attracted over 18 million visitor trips (overnight and day trips). 

Joan Symons, Cornwall Council Portfolio Holder for Tourism, Culture and Leisure, adds: “The latest 2011 Value of Tourism figures show improved performance when compared to 2010, which indicates that Cornwall’s tourism industry has resisted recessionary trends and undergone a growth period. This is a significant achievement and is the result of a welcoming local community and hard-working tourism sector.”

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