Cornwall doc's top tips

Cornwall doc's top tips for a healthy and happy summer with the kids

With the arrival of the summer holidays Cornwall’s NHS is asking parents and carers to think about where they can go to get help if their child becomes sick or injured this summer.

Planning ahead and understanding where and when to use the right health services, if your child needs them, will mean they’re likely to be seen quicker, closer to home and can get back to making the most of their holiday sooner.

John Garman, a GP and NHS Kernow governing body member, said: “With schools breaking-up for the summer holidays and most legal restrictions lifted as we move to step 4 of the government’s roadmap, I know many families will be preparing for days out, trips and adventures.

“We want you to have as stress free time as possible and to make sure that if you do become ill or injured, that you’re able to access healthcare services quickly and safely. We hope that our tips on self-care and by reminding people that when you have an urgent but not life-threatening medical need and your own GP is closed to contact 111, will help make your family’s summer a happy and healthy one.”


When you’re out and about with the children, make sure you’ve got some essentials with you along with any regular medication.

With the high temperatures of recent days also remember sun cream, hats, loose clothing and to keep hydrated.

•             Self-care essentials

•             Antiseptic.

•             Paracetamol.

•             Plasters.

Parents can also download the NHS’ HANDI app, or Healthier Together, which have been developed by local paediatricians to give parents up-to-date health advice in the palm of their hand. They’re both free and ask questions about the child’s symptoms, and then provide information about what may be wrong, what they can do to help, and when to call for medical help.

Call your own GP

If you need urgent health advice, either for your child, yourself, or a family member, please call your own GP first. Please remember, if you have friends or relatives visiting, and if they need urgent health advice, remind them to call the GP where they are registered and not the one closest to where they’re staying.

There’s 1 number to remember – 111

When they’re closed, or you simply don’t know what type of care is needed, there’s just one number to remember 111 - call 111 or visit

A trained advisor will help you and this may include directing you to take your child to a minor injury unit or urgent treatment centre.

•             Fractured bones.

•             Sprains or strains

•             Insect bites.

Please do not turn up with your child at a minor injury unit (MIU), or urgent treatment centre (UTC) without contacting 111 first. Once you have dialled 111 please continue to remain on the line but please be aware there might be a delay in your call being answered. You can also go online and visit


If after contacting 111, your child does need to attend an MIU or UTC, you will be given details of where to go. Pharmacies are also open and can provide advice and treatment for minor ailments and other over the counter medication.

•             Bites

•             Burns

•             Sticky red eyes.

Visit NHS Kernow’s website for information about the health services available throughout the summer. Finally, please help us to protect you this summer by sharing our updates and news with your social media friends, groups, and community networks.