Punk Thai


We draw inspiration from a variety of Asian styles and flavours creating dishes off-the-cuff with a blatant disregard for tradition. 
Our food is crafted instinctively from experience, not from a rule-book.


Using locally sourced ingredients we create everything from Pad Thai to Panang Red Curry to Papaya Salad. We make everything from scratch to you have the say on spice levels and dietary requirements.


Food is made in our Truro based hub which means we can work anywhere within an approximate 15 mile radius. This includes; Newquay, St Ives, St Agnes, Redruth, Cambourne, Falmouth, Porthleven and Helston.


We’re a family run business, led by Amy Nixon. After growing up in Thailand and being under parental pressure to follow a career as an accountant she eventually, in adult life, followed her true calling; cooking and food carving. She’s inspired by the flavours she enjoyed whilst living in Asia’s cosmopolitan cities.


Punk Thai was created in Spring 2017 and began with a bang. Even preliminary test-runs generated unanimous glowing feedback. We’ve catered for various events and celebrations and have grand plans for expansion.


We toyed with various names centred around our less calculated way of cooking where scales and recipes are ignored, where ingredients are literally chucked in the pot based upon experience. Our disregard for rules led to a comparison to the punk ideology and so the name was finalised.


As a rough guide we work within a 15 miles radius of our culinary headquarters in Truro, Cornwall

As a flexible, independent business we’re not going to rule out any South West location but, as a broad rule, we operate within 15-20 miles of Truro, this includes, but is not limited to, St Ives, Porthleven, Helston, Falmouth, St Mawes, St Agnes and Newquay. If you’re outside of this area do get in touch, we’re a resourceful bunch and we may well be able to find a solution.

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