Acorn T-Stats

What is T-Stats?
Acorn T-Stats is the online performance moniting tool designed and developed for Cornwall's tourism industry, providing a rich resource for tracking the sector and developing tourism forecasts. It enables you to collect and present all your research on the visitor economy in a highly effective and visual manner.

Monitor your own business performance and benchmark this against your own sector and the wider industry. Quick and easy to use, T- Stats automatically produces graphs and tables for your own business.

What will T-Stats do for me?

  • It brings all your tourism statistics and research together in one place, so everyone knows where to look for it.
  • It allows you to connect with your stakeholders, collect data from them, and give them useful information back.
  • It provides immediate results – as soon as data is put onto the system, all the charts and tables are automatically updated.
  • It is online, so that anyone connected to the Internet (with a password) can access this information.
  • Perhaps most importantly, it is easy to use, and will save you money.

We recognise that we need to be lean, agile and responsive, which means having instant access to what is going on, and systems to give us immediate and specific tourism business intelligence. We have never before had the ability to build a story in any form of reporting without a lot of manual effort to link different reports and surveys together.

Coming soon...

We will collect data from transport providers and the food industry and merge it with weather information, visitor numbers to attractions and events, and overlaying web traffic statistics and accommodation occupancy to get real-time business intelligence to help inform us on marketing decisions and share with the industry. But we need your help to do it. We are going through a testing stage but hope the site will be up and running in the coming weeks, so please look out for details which will be sent to you very soon.

For a preview watch this demo

Or download a factsheet here