Industry profile: Mark Camp

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Mark Camp

Job title
Which one do you want? ...Blue Badge Tour Guide...Author...


How long have you been working in tourism?
I have been a tour guide for 20 years now, which led me to working in the Tourist Information Centre in Looe and also got me in to writing.

Tell us a little about yourself
Although not Cornish by birth I have grown up here and am proud to call it home. I always enjoyed history as a subject at school and Cornwall is a great place to be interested in history. Connect this with a love of photography and walking and you will understand how I have ended up working in tourism and promoting the area. It’s an ever changing job with no two days alike, one day I can be explaining the Bronze Age to a Japanese film crew , the next I am pouring over spreadsheets for data on visitor numbers.

Your job in a nutshell
Basically my job is to promote Looe and Cornwall, be it over the counter at the TIC, on social media, in print or as a tour guide. At the same time I have all the mundane paperwork of running a TIC to do.

Five things that you do in a typical week
There’s no such thing as a typical week...
1.    Talk to people about what to do whist on holiday
2.    Create items about Looe to post on social media
3.    Reports on the previous weeks takings, stock, visitor numbers etc
4.    Research a walk, tour or article
5.    Coordinate with event organisers and put together the What’s On list.

What do you love most about your job?
Being able to help people and share information about a place I am passionate about.

What is vital in your role?
Knowledge (you don’t need to know everything, but it helps if you know where you can find everything!), Computer skills, Patience, a sense of humour and an ability to move mountains at short notice!

What’s next on the agenda?
Freshen up my knowledge for a coach tour from Plymouth to Mt Edgcumbe with a group of cruise ship passengers.

Top tip for new recruits in the tourism industry?
Keep smiling! People on holiday want to be enjoying themselves and the last thing they want is to be confronted by a sour face!

Where can you be found when not at work?
When time permits, out walking with my camera, usually on Bodmin Moor.

If you didn’t work in the tourism industry where would you work?
I spent over twenty years as a baker before coming into tourism, so I would probably go back to that...but only if I had to!

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