Visit Cornwall works with travel journalists and broadcasters to put Cornwall in the media spotlight and raise awareness of Cornwall as a premier destination and to inspire visits.

Be involved

Industry support is vital to the success of the Visit Cornwall PR campaigns and we are keen to work with local businesses. Find out how you can get involved below, it will benefit both your own business and the Cornish tourism industry as a whole!

 Press trips
As part of our PR campaigns we invite selected journalists on press trips to Cornwall and we are also approached on a reactive basis by journalists and film crews for assistance.

• Press releases, feature ideas, news – we want to know!
Knowledge is key and we can only tell journalists about your news, offers and achievements if we know about them ourselves. Please keep us up-to-date by including on your contact list.

• Competitions
Visit Cornwall is regularly approached by various magazines, websites and third parties for competition prizes. For the cost of a prize these can be a great means of promotion and provide a rich source of information for building contact databases. To hear about suitable opportunities on a case-by-case basis and to register your interest in providing competition prizes please get in touch.

• Join our social media activity
Visit Cornwall is active across various social media platforms and this has proved to be an effective way in engaging with visitors and encouraging them to share information and inspire others to visit. Links to our social media are at the top of the page, make sure you're part of it!

Why PR – what are the benefits?

1. PR and press coverage offers impressive return on investment and is generally considered to be worth 3 times that of advertising. For example, if it costs £1000 to place an advertisement in a magazine, an article of the same size and placement is worth £3000.
2. PR has high creditability compared to some other forms of marketing especially if it is delivered via media appropriate to the target audience.
3. PR is one of the main and most cost effective ways of influencing destination choice!

How to maximise the power of PR 

1. Be prepared to comp
To make media visits possible, journalists and film crews are very often seeking complimentary support. Remember to keep the benefits of PR outlined above in mind when weighing up the costs as the coverage generated is normally more than worth it

2. Extend your welcome
Media visits are most effective when journalists are truly able to experience Cornwall as a normal visitor would and this can mean visiting with partners or their family in tow. You generally need to be prepared to welcome the whole party or to at least offer media rates

3. Respond quickly
The media is a fast moving business and journalists are very often on tight deadlines. To encourage journalists to feature your business a quick response is required so it is useful to prepare a press pack in advance and have a bank of high resolution images at the ready.

4. Be flexible
Media schedules can change at the last minute so the publication date promised at the outset of the activity may change.

5. Keep an open mind
Nothing is guaranteed in PR. Although you may be providing complimentary services there is no binding transfer of money and you will not have editorial control, so there is potential for the final amount of coverage to differ from your expectations.



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