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Renewing Your Membership For 2022

Renewing your membership has just got so much easier! With the introduction of the Visit Cornwall Self Service area you can now login at any time that suits you and renew your membership online.

This system represents a step forward in simplicity and convenience allowing you to also renew your membership in advance while still preserving your renewal date. For instance, if you wanted to renew your membership 12 months in advance, you can. One great benefit of this is retaining existing rates before price rises.

We have ofcourse retained existing methods of payment such as cheques, BACS and over the phone card payments so we have all bases covered for your payment needs.


Self Service and Enhanced Membership

Thanks now to the Self Service system, if you would like to pay in advance, even for multiple years, you can, allowing you to secure existing rates incase price rises in the future.

We still have our Gold and Silver Membership for 2022 which offers some even more fantastic features to our already brilliant membership packages.

To find out more about how to log into and use our self service page, please have a look at our Self Service Information Page.


2022 Price Guide

To find out more details about our prices and additional advertising contact

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