Self Service

Visit Cornwall Self Service

Visit Cornwall CIC are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new self service system. This all new system represents a step forward in how our members, journalists and suppliers can interact with us and the Visit Cornwall website. The link to Self Service is

The self service system will have multiple stages until we reach our final phase which will have full integration with the Visit Cornwall website. We will keep you updated on the progress and launch stages.

Self Service System - What's Included?

Below is a view of the self service area once logged in

The self service system currently has 10 main links to choose from;

  1. Home - This returns you to the main login screen
  2. Media Library - This is where our fantastic images of Cornwall
  3. Staff - This is where all contacts for your business are located
  4. Order History - This is a list of all previous purchases
  5. Shopping Basket - This is where all of your ready to purchase products will be places
  6. Username - This is where you will logout of the self service area
  7. Renew Now - The area to renew your membership
  8. Web Advertising - The area to select and purchase your online adverts
  9. Email Advertising - The area to select and purchase your email adverts
  10. Print Advertising - The area to select and purchase your print adverts


1. Home

 Click the HOME button from any point while in CRM to return you to the main screen.

2. Media Library

Clicking on the media library button will take you to our media library where you can download our images to use in your digital and print media while you are an active member of Visit Cornwall CIC. Please make sure to credit with a reference to Visit Cornwall CIC where the images are used.

3. Staff

By Clicking on the Staff button will take you to the area that you can view all staff members. If you are a business administrator you will be able to add and update staff members. It is important to keep your contacts and staff members up to date so that they can access the system.

4. Order History

When clicking on the order history button this will take you through to the area to view all your historic purchases, which makes it easy to buy again and see what you have had.

5. Shopping Basket


When purchasing products you will select them and add them to your shopping basket. From here you will be able to proceed to the checkout and complete your purchase.

6. Username

From this button you can logout of the system, which we reccomend once you have finished with the self service. This retains high levels of security.

7. Renew Now

By clicking the Renew Now button you will be able to renew your membership online whenever you would like to. This gives you complete freedom to manage your membership anytime of the day that is convenient for you. You can also renew early with us and preserve your renewal date. The great benefit of this is securing current prices before price rises come into effect.

8. Web Advertising

The Web Advertising button allows you to purchase a digital web advert online form the schedule. Simply click the Web Advertising button then select the date range in which you would like your advert. Then select from the drop down list the Page Type, for instance See and Do. Then select the type of advert you would like, such as a Super Premium Video Advert. You will then be able to add this to your shopping basket and head to checkout. Alternatively, continue to shop and purchase once you've selected all of the adverts you are interested in.

9. Email Advertising 10. Print Advertising

In much the same way as the above process of booking Web Advertising, follow the same process and book the relevant adverts you are interested in. It is worth noting, that until the checkout process is complete you will not have secured your advertising. Items will remain in your shopping basket for a maximum of 24 hours until they are cleared and then returned to the shop for purchase by someone else.


How to login for the first time

The link to the self service system is;

When you are first invited to setup access to the self service system you will receive an email that looks like the following.

Click the Reset Password and follow the link to the self service system. Then enter your email address and password and click submit and follow the onscreen instructions. You should now be successfully logged into the self service system.

Payment Links

You will need to have an active membership to pay for a payment link, follow the above steps for setting up your login to the self service system, once this is done you will be able to login and see the payment link or follow the payment link from your email.