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Horse Riding in Falmouth

Whether you want to gallop along the sand with the sea breeze in your hair, trot across the moors or plod steadily along the bridleways, horse riding in Falmouth offers an equestrian experience to suit all levels of rider. In fact one of the best ways to discover the beauty that Falmouth has to offer is on horseback. There are many licensed stables throughout the county that provide riding lessons and a variety of trails that will take you through undiscovered parts of the countryside. Trek through woodland, farmland, moorland or along the beautiful Cornish coastline.

Gardens in Falmouth

Enjoying the warmth of the Gulf Stream, the magical gardens in Falmouth are home to a wealth of exciting, rare and beautiful plants and trees. From wild woodland to neatly manicured lawns, from the small and unusual to large and famous. Browse through listings representing the best Falmouth has to offer. Use the right-hand filters to refine your search and help you find exactly what you're looking for. 

Wildlife in Falmouth

Find out more about how you can see wildlife for yourself either on land or around Falmouth's coastal waters, rivers, estuaries and lakes. Discover Falmouth’s wildlife with tours, trips to nature reserve or at attractions where you can learn more about the animals and wildlife in Cornwall. Find out more by browsing our listings. 

Adventure Sports in Falmouth

Search from listings representing the very best adventure sports Cornwall has to offer. We're talking adrenalin-fuelled, action-packed and truly adventurous.

Arts and Culture in Falmouth

A guide to arts and culture in Cornwall with ideas to suit all ages, interests and budgets. Browse listings covering outstanding local workshops to world famous galleries, local theatre and film to the best live music venues.

Theatres in Falmouth

If you enjoy the theatre, then you won't be disappointed. Cornwall has a variety of indoor and outdoor theatrical venues.

Galleries in Falmouth

Search our listings for outstanding local galleries and artists' workshops to world famous household names.

Creative Activities in Falmouth

Creative activities including arts, crafts and cookery provided through demonstrations and workshops that provide visitors with the opportunity to learn a new skill or create a unique souvenir.

Cinemas in Falmouth

Film is an important part of Cornwall's vibrant art scene, search our listings for cinemas.