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Segway Bude
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Segway Bude
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South West Segway Adventure Tours, set in the Tamar Valley

If like us, you have seen a Segway and thought to yourself " yes! i want to have a go!" then you are half way there.. now you just need to take the next step and book your adventure. You can enjoy the thrill of riding a segway with no experience at all. It can be picked up by a complete beginner in less than 10 minutes! It will give you the ultimate thrill and an adventure that can never be forgotten. The Segway uses gyroscope technology and self balances, which means you don't need to balance the segway, but just control where you want to go. This Segway tour is fully instructed and you will be taught everything you need to know in order to help you build your confidence. You start off the tour meeting the instructor and will be taught all of the basics. They will then get you on safely and you can master the controls in mins. Once they are all happy you will all be meandering in and out of the trees, testing your skills off road and shooting down hills... all with huge smiles!

Minmum requirments: There is NO minimum age however, there is a minimum weight of  approx 7 stone (45kg) . Riders need to be able to safely reach the handle bars (approx 4ft) MAX weight - 19 stone (117kg)

We provide wet weather gear for the inevitable Cornish weather and we love to Segway in all weathers!

The tours are set in one of the most beautiful areas around Cornwall. You will be challenged on and off road and will complete different sections of terrain on the Segway. We will be segwaying around lakes, meandering through the countryside and following off road trails next to the coast. You will be instructed by one of our fully trained instructors and will be given the chance to build your confidence operating a Segway. The tour will start off with some basic instruction and then move on to our training area to practice manoeuvring and stopping. Once everyone is happy we will move on to the tour.

Come and try it for your self and experience the up and coming trend of off road Segwaying. We also offer git vouchers to purchase for loved ones as an ideal present.

There is also an onsite cafe for you to have a spot of lunch or a coffee as well as many other outdoor activities to enjoy.



             SEGWAY SAFARI - £35

             ULTIMATE ADVENTURE - £40

CHILD: (under 16)   SCENIC TOUR - £25

                                 SEGWAY SAFARI - £30

                                 ULTIMATE ADVENTURE - £40

Maximum of 10 on each tour

Open all year round

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