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AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
AK Wildlife Cruises | Sea Safaris | Falmouth | Cornwall
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"It's fun exciting and pure adventure, sharing our passion for all wildlife"

AK Wildlife Cruises explores the marine biodiversity hotspot from Falmouth throughout the year. Our heated cabin, outside seating and home comforts provide a fantastic opportunity to observe wild dolphins and seals, basking sharks, marine birds and much more during your stay in Cornwall. The area is home to many wintering birds, in particular black-necked grebe, eight species of cetacean and the second largest fish in the world! 

Captain Keith and his crew are extremely knowledgeable about the local wildlife, and endorsed by the Seawatch foundation as a recommended boat operator with WiSe and The Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society, causing minimal impact to the environment. The area is home to a vast array of wildlife, landscape and history linked to the ocean and best viewed by boat. 

We now run snorkel trips to get close encounters with the marine environment, Please ensure that you bring your own snorkel equipment, however we provide a free hot drink and biscuit, this is also available on our cruises during the winter months. 

We enjoy amazing encounters with the eight species of whale and dolphin, ranging from the small harbour porpoise up to the huge fin whale. In winter super pods of common dolphin arrive and our bottlenose dolphin pod are present most of the year. The local seal haul out is the largest on the South coast of Cornwall and can appear anywhere during the trip. We have nesting peregrines, which seem to be breading very well along the Cornish coastline. 

The Carrick roads is a vitally important wintering destination for black-necked grebe, but many other birds including red breasted merganser, Slavonian grebe, sea ducks, divers and waders also frequent the estuary in high numbers. The summer sees great views of Manx shearwater, storm petrel and other pelagic seabirds best viewed via boat. Our local auk colony enjoys large numbers of breeding razorbill, guillemot and even bridled guillemot. Passage birds also include osprey, skua and other shearwater species. Rarer birds turn up on our trips too and our eagle-eyed crew will almost certainly spot them for you. 

Summer sees the return of one of the largest fish in the world, the basking shark, second only to the whale shark. Growing to 12 metres in length they are a jaw-dropping fish to watch whilst aboard the boat. We also see ocean sunfish as well as a number of other fish species. 

The diverse, rich wooded estuaries of the Fal and Helford rivers are alive with a variety of wading and woodland birds. Ospreys use both estuaries on their passage migrations. Otters too are making a fantastic recovery and may be spotted at anytime up these lush river estuaries.

Had a fantastic Saturday, and I use that word realistically, trip out from Falmouth with AK Wildlife Cruises aboard the good ship Free Spirit and had the pleasure of being amongst perhaps 200 Common Dolphins during the course of the afternoon. Seeing these beautiful creatures (some with their babies) close up and interacting alongside the boat was a moving experience, being up there with being at the birth of my two children and finally finding the lady I want to spend the rest of my life with, Maggie. Thank you CK Hawk and your crew for one of my most memorable days out. Pictures to follow when I can sort through the 300 I took.
John Page 6th October 2013

A massive thank you to AK Wildlife Cruises who's brilliant tour lead me to my first dolphin encounter! A super pod of bottlenose dolphins comprising of both adults and calves, here's a shot of one that wishes it were a tiger!
Sarah Reuter  3rd September 2014
Image on the top left hand corner also taken by Sarah, you can see the new born foetal folds on the baby dolphin, this image went into the local press.

My husband and I have just had the most amazing trip with AK Wildlife Cruises of Falmouth.  It was a 'spur of the moment' decision to go but it turned out to be the most exciting 'adventure' we've had since moving to Cornwall thirteen years ago. They are very friendly and helpful and even managed to put a nervous sea-goer like me at ease!  A lot of time and care was taken to show us as much as possible, with helpful and interesting commentary about what we were watching, to ensure we had the best experience.   A wonderful day - we can't wait to go again!
Rita and Vic Wood, 28th August 2013.

For more information and current up dates, follow us on Face book  AK Wildlife Cruises.   www.akwildlifecruises.co.uk

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