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Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Newlyn Art Gallery
New Road
TR18 5PZ
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Newlyn Art Gallery exists because of a long history of contemporary art making in the far west of Cornwall and has celebrated contemporary art and supported the artists that produce it for more than 120 years.

It continues to present contemporary work in all media by regional, national and international artists, with a changing programme of exhibitions and events.



19 FEB - 16 MAR

Transition is an opportunity for artists, or artist groups, to use the gallery space to consider how a series of works is developing or to try out ideas for an installation or interactive project. Transition gives artists the time and space to take ideas forward in a public environment, aiming to explore conceptual and practical issues, without the constraints of presenting a finalised exhibition. Artists can challenge their practice and take risks concerning their usual working techniques. It offers visitors the chance to see work in a state of flux, meet the artists and discuss the work.

Curator Blair Todd and the week’s artists will discuss their work.

Please see our website for the full schedule. 



23 MAR - 15 JUN 2019

New Conversations about Time and Place.

“A rural ecologist, an urban drifter and a diasporic optimist examine the invisible layers underneath, the lost spaces on the edge and the forgotten places in between.” Lubaina Himid. 

The exhibition explores the work of three artists, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Rebecca Chesney and Lubaina Himid, who consider the poetic investigation of place, space and time, through painting, sound installation and place-based research. All three artists use their work to uncover the hidden, understand a place as it is experienced by those who know it well, and remember apparently unknown histories. Each artist has made new work for the show.

Invisible Narratives is curated for us by Lubaina Himid CBE, winner of the 2017 Turner Prize.




14 APR 2019


A new participatory artwork by Katie Paterson to be choreographed over British Summer Time 2019

First There is a Mountain is a new artwork by Katie Paterson that connects the public to the world’s diverse mountains ranges. Touring from 31 Mar – 27 Oct 2019, the project involves the creation of a set of ‘buckets and spades’ in the form of world mountains, from which the public will be invited to build mountains of sand across the UK coastline and play out the world’s natural geography against a series of tidal times.

The artwork will tour to 25 coastal venues around the UK, who will each stage a sand pail building event on their local beach. Participants will sculpt beaches into thousands of mountains of sand to form micro-geologies. Join us on Porthcressa Beach to build a range of sand pail mountains.

Each pail is a scale model of five of Earth’s mountains: Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Shasta (USA), Mount Fuji (Asia), Stromboli (Europe), and Uluru (Oceania), are nested together. Paterson carefully selected each mountain range via exacting research, using data from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. The sand pails are made from 100% fermented plant starch and are fully bio-compostable. At the end of the tour, they will be composted, reabsorbing back into the natural environment from which they were created.



27 APR 2019, 11 - 3.30


Join artist and photographer William Arnold for a botanically themed artists’ day out, inspired by Abel Rodriguez’ work in Gäa: Holistic Science And Wisdom Tradition.

Walking from Newlyn Art Gallery to The Exchange in Penzance, workshop participants will collect local plant species, identify and catalogue them, using lumen and cyanotype photography to produce a beautiful collection of photographic images. The workshop will start at Newlyn Art Gallery and include a leisurely picnic on the green, before ambling along the seafront towards The Exchange, allowing for specimen collection from both land and shore.

This workshop is for adults and suitable for all skill levels. Please wear appropriate clothing and foot wear. All materials and picnic lunch included. The images created in the workshop will be on display in The Engine Room from 11 May – 16 Jun, after which workshop participants can collect their work to take home.

£48 per person, booking via eventbrite.



Showing changing exhibitions of works for sale. With an emphasis on affordable works The Picture Room offers the opportunity to buy paintings, prints and drawings by some of the region’s most recognised artists. 

All profits from sales made in The Picture Room directly support the Gallery’s education and exhibition activities.



23 MAR  – 4 MAY

Helston-based painter and printmaker Shelly Tregoning explores the physicality of the human gesture, creating works that she refers to as non-portraits – images of the figure in which the identity of the sitter is irrelevant but the viewer’s instinctive reading in to the language of the body is everything.




23 MAR – 15 JUN

‘Thrown functional porcelain in vibrant colours from my north London studio’
Arjan Van Dal is fascinated by the vibrant colours of Imperial court porcelain, this along with a background as an engineer echoes through the work. The result is vibrantly coloured porcelain, thrown on the wheel, that through simplicity of form and austere handling of material communicates honesty with a refined touch.




Winter opening hours for the gallery and shop.

Tues - Sat, 10 - 5.

The cafe is open Tues - Sat, 10.30 - 3.30.

Summer opening hours (Mon - Sat, 10 - 5) from 25 March onwards.



£3.30 (incl Gift Aid donation) for a seven-day pass to both venues | Free entry for Supporters, U18s and Local Art Pass holders.

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