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Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Art Galleries in Cornwall | Newlyn Art Gallery | Newlyn | Cornwall
Newlyn Art Gallery
New Road
TR18 5PZ
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Newlyn Art Gallery exists because of a long history of contemporary art making in the far west of Cornwall and has celebrated contemporary art and supported the artists that produce it for more than 120 years.

It continues to present contemporary work in all media by regional, national and international artists, with a changing programme of exhibitions and events.



29 SEP - 5 JAN 2019

Many & Beautiful Things is concerned with that time in youth when anything is possible, everything is ahead of you, and life is a rush for new experiences. Presented at both galleries, the group exhibition features photography and moving image work by internationally recognised artists, mid-career artists, and young emerging artists, many still at art school. Rineke Dijkstra’s photographs of a young Foreign Legionnaire; Binelde Hyrcan’s film of four boys on an Angolan beach who strive for the good life; Melanie Manchot filmed her daughter for one minute each month from the age of 11 to 18; Santiago Mostyn’s journals of travelling across America with a group of friends and Joseph Szabo’s photographs of high school students in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Curated by Blair Todd, the exhibition also presents Catie Close’s photographic series California Roll, Naomi Frears’ text work of teenage embarrassments, Lulu Freeman & Nadja Redman film Turning 18, Housework Press’s riso print of a tombstoneing icarus, Callum Mitchell’s coming of age library, James Loraine-Smith will sign write the fragment of Sappho’s poetry that gives the exhibition its title, Lucy Willow’s film of a sea burial, and Young People Cornwall’s portraits of their peers.

Fragment24a, an exhibition within an exhibition, is a three-strand response to Many & Beautiful Things by The Collaborators, the gallery’s collective of emerging artists aged 30 and under.



19 FEB - 16 MAR

Transition is an opportunity for artists, or artist groups, to use the gallery space to consider how a series of works is developing or to try out ideas for an installation or interactive project. Transition gives artists the time and space to take ideas forward in a public environment, aiming to explore conceptual and practical issues, without the constraints of presenting a finalised exhibition. Artists can challenge their practice and take risks concerning their usual working techniques. It offers visitors the chance to see work in a state of flux, meet the artists and discuss the work.



Showing changing exhibitions of works for sale. With an emphasis on affordable works The Picture Room offers the opportunity to buy paintings, prints and drawings by some of the region’s most recognised artists. 

All profits from sales made in The Picture Room directly support the Gallery’s education and exhibition activities.


29 SEP - 5 JAN 2019

Newlyn-based artist Michael Porter presents a new series of exquisitely executed watercolours that explore soil, plants and the natural world.


29 SEP - 5 JAN 2019

A changing display of ceramics and crafts, featuring work by Jack Doherty, Jode Pankhurt, Sue Pryke, Heather Scott, Derek Wilson, and many others.

New pieces will be added throughout the duration. All works are for sale.




Winter opening hours for the gallery and shop (cafe closed over winter).

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm.



£3.30 (incl Gift Aid donation) for a seven-day pass to both venues | Free entry for Supporters, U18s and Local Art Pass holders.

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