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Unwind in a iconic setting away from from the hustle and bustle at Trenance Cottages

Serving up a slice of Old Newquay is Trenance Cottages, a trio of beautifully renovated, Grade II listed, Cornish cottages that are open to the public with a free to enter museum and onsite 'The Garden' tearoom – the only such row of pre-railway age dwellings found in Cornwall!

Situated in the heart of the tranquil and award-winning Trenance Gardens, Trenance Cottages have been lovingly preserved, protected and improved by a group of volunteers who have saved a piece of history to create a special visitor experience.

Built on the site of an old malthouse, the dwellings now offer a unique attraction where visitors can learn, relax and unwind in an iconic setting away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches and town centre. Exploring the homesteads of Vine, Middle and Rose Cottages, one is invited to step back in time to experience the way Cornish ancestors once lived. From the lives of a lifeboat coxswain to an evacuee, the museum contains a splendid collection of artefacts and information about the lives of past inhabitants and explores their family heritage.

The museum gives visitors an opportunity to listen to recordings from Newquay residents, view artefacts from the 1900s, learn about the buildings’ history, and play a beautifully restored pianola! All of this whilst reminiscing about the development of tourism in the town and celebrating the ongoing work of the charity, Trenance Cottages Newquay, and its army of magnificent volunteers who keep the cottages alive, all year round.

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