Blue Shark Snorkel

Blue Shark Snorkel
Blue Shark Snorkel,
4 Albert Pier,
TR18 2LL
We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience of blue sharks, and it’s that spirit that we keep at the heart of every trip. We have the ability to show people that you can see and swim with fascinating marine creatures

The South West of Cornwall is hugely attractive to blue sharks at certain times of the year, they come here to feed on the nutrient-rich waters that are unique to the area.

This trip isn’t aimed at beginner snorkelers..
You don't need a dive qualification but you need to have previous experience wearing a snorkel and mask in open water.
We operate at the peak times of the year for swimming with blue sharks in Cornwall.
We have a 95% success rating and although it’s highly unlikely, there is a chance you may not see a shark - we are not a theme park with captive animals, nor would we want to be. Part of the excitement of this experience is being out on the open ocean not knowing what you are going to encounter. It’s what makes this trip so amazing.

Although the sharks are the main focus of the trip– there's also a fantastic range of marine life in the area, so you’ll have a chance of seeing minke whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sunfish , basking sharks, porpoise and much more.

This trip isn’t aimed at beginner snorkelers. If you are new to snorkelling then this trip might not be for you.
Please make sure you are comfortable using a snorkel and mask.
You do not need a dive qualification to join our trips. This is snorkelling only. No diving.
We normally head 10-20 miles off shore. The chum is dropped in the water and then we wait. The sharks may appear after 30 minutes or 3 hours.

It can sometimes be a little rocky whilst we are stationary waiting in the boat, but once they appear they normally stay with us for a couple of hours.
We prefer not to take children under the age of 14. If your child is under 14 and a confident swimmer plus has experience in open water get in touch.
Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied in the water with an adult/guardian.

The blue sharks visit our waters throughout May-October.
The best time is from June through to mid October.
Unlike other locations around the world it's not uncommon for us to have half a dozen sharks around us at one time!

• Arrive at least 20 minutes before departure to allow time to park, get changed and pay.
• Due to tides, the departure time will be confirmed 48hrs before the trip - but it’s always between 9-10AM.
• Listen to the captain’s safety briefing
• We will head out to our shark snorkelling destination!
• On the way out we will discuss in detail how to safely swim with the sharks.
• The iced chum is placed in the water and we wait for the sharks. (This can be anything from 1-3 hours)
• We aim to return to the harbour by 4/5 pm. Depending on the sharks and weather conditions we could be back at a different time.
• Say our good-byes!

Please view our availability calendar to check dates and space availability.
Max of 8-10 people per trip.
DEPOSIT £60PP required at the time of booking.
The remaining amount is due on the day and is to be paid at the office either on card or with cash.
PRIVATE BOAT CHARTER (max of 8 passengers) £1000
Please note, maximum of 8 swimmers in the water at a time.
You will be contacted 48 hours before the trip to let you know if the forecast is ok to go.

Further details are available on our website!


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