Eureka Escape Cornwall

Eureka Escape Cornwall
The Basement
The Old Telephone Exchange
44 New Street
TR18 2LZ

Eureka Escape Cornwall is based in Penzance and offers exciting and interactive real-life escape rooms. With several themed rooms to choose from, you can expect an experience full of fun, adventure and intrigue.


The worldwide phenomenon of Escape Rooms has arrived in Cornwall. If you’ve never heard of it before you are in for a treat.

Eureka Escape offers exciting and interactive real-life escape rooms in Penzance, West Cornwall. They have three themed rooms to choose from to guarantee you an unforgettable experience full of fun, adventure and intrigue.

The goal is relatively simple. You and your group race against time to find clues and solve puzzles. You have up to 60 minutes to escape from your room using only your mind, logic and teamwork. Every clue, key and code is hidden inside the room - you just have to find them and work out how to use them

This is a fantastic activity for friends or families. It will give you something to talk about for ages after and most likely leave you wanting to try another room!

Eureka Escape in Penzance currently has the following rooms available:

CABIN FEVER (a good choice for first time players, 2-6 people): Accidentally forgotten at the end of the cold war, no one really knows whether Doris Decker is still in the secret communications room in the basement of the Old Telephone Exchange. You have been sent to Penzance by the Home Office to find out.

Thinking that the enemy has finally arrived, a deranged Doris rushes out, switching off the generators that power the ventilation system. You are locked in with only 60 minutes of oxygen.

THE NOCTURNAL ALCHEMIST( the same difficulty as Cabin Fever, will hold up to 8 people): By day he leads an ordinary life. By night, genetically mutated by his elaborate experiments with laughing gas, the so-called Green Giggler has wreaked havoc in Penzance for a long time.

You’ve studied him for years. You think you know his identity and have taken this chance to break into the lab of local alchemist Murphy Vhadyris to prove it once and for all. As you enter you trigger the release of one of his toxic vapours and realise that you are trapped! You have 60 minutes to escape or say goodbye to your genetic structure.

MURDER ON THE NIGHT RIVIERA( their hardest room, 2-4 people): Cosily seated in the First Class dining car and on your way to London for a conference, you and your colleagues are approached by a flustered train manager who is worried about the goings on in one of the sleeper cabins. Knowing of your professional skills, he asks you to investigate discretely and shows you the way to the carriage concerned.

You find yourselves trapped in a crime scene. With the next station stop just 60 minutes away, you have limited time to uncover the truth in this escape room and alert the authorities.

Adult: from £11 to £20 per person depending on group size

Child: as above

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