Bude Ocean Festival 5th – 11th June 2023

    Bude is at the heart of an exciting new event – Ocean Festival (5th – 11th June 2023). The event is being held in locations across the globe, including KwaZulu Natal, South Coast in South Africa, Dubai in the UAE and Bude.

    Bude is the only location invited to host Ocean Festival in the UK, with the celebration of World Oceans Day on the Thursday 8th June central to the festival.

    There are a range of activities taking place during Bude Ocean Festival, with many requiring no prior experience. From testing the Shoreline Triathlon 500m swim route at Summerleaze (ahead of committing to the Bude Triathlon on 25th June), to joining the 2 Minute Foundation for an exploration evening, there is an activity for all ages.

    Spectate, and stay on dry land… Spectators are encourage at all events and with Life’s A Beach located above Summerleaze, Rosie’s Kitchen and Crooklets Cafe on the beachfront at Crooklets you can grab a bite to eat and watch from the shoreline.

    There are spectacular views from Summerleaze Downs, overlooking Sumerleaze and Crooklets, where spectators can watch most ocean activities. Those competing in the 12km Surfski Challenge can be cheered on from the clifftops at Maer as they head out of Crooklets north, towards Lower Sharpness Point, with live music at Crooklets Cafe making it the place to be for a sundowner!

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