Painting Experience at House Bay Hotel

Saturday 20th April

Total package is £135 per person

Come along for a day brimming with creativity as you connect with fellow art enthusiasts keen on exploring the world of landscape painting. Begin your experience at Housel, where a warm welcome awaits with steaming cups of tea, coffee, and delectable homemade cake. Then, venture into the stunning natural surroundings of the Lizard Peninsula, guided by the skilled landscape artist Denise Stracey, to uncover the art of painting in the great outdoors.

Following your artistic endeavours, indulge in a delightful seasonal lunch at our Terrace restaurant, offering panoramic views of the endless sea. Depart with newfound skills to capture the essence of nature, equipped with your very own painting kit to further enrich your artistic journey.


  • A guided painting experience by Denise Stracey
  • Portable painting kit
  • Welcome tea or coffee & cake
  • A two course lunch at The Terrace

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