Half Day Outdoor Climbing Taster (families & juniors) - Roche Rock

£120.00 per person
Physical rating
Perfect for individuals, small groups and can be tailored for

What to expect

###This course is for families and juniors with a minimum age of 6.

Enjoy a fun and active half day trying out rock climbing. You will have the opportunity to get loads of climbing done and you'll be helping to hold the ropes for other group members when not climbing.

From it’s unusual rock type to the 15th century chapel built into the very bones of the landscape, Roche Rock is a unique venue for climbers and historians. Steeped in legend, from it’s creation during the biblical floods to a refuge from demonic forces, it’s now a popular climbing spot - the rock is rough and grippy (even in the rain!) and the different outcrops provide a great range of challenges for the eager climber.

### Itinerary

You'll meet your instructor at the parking location where they will check that you have everything you need and issue you with some essential equipment such as a harness and helmet.

You will then walk into the crag (a short, grassy trail) where you will have a safety brief and introductions will be made - climbing is a really friendly activity so it’s great to get to know the others on the course.

Then you get to climb! Our maximum capacity means everyone will get plenty of time to climb. When you're not climbing, you'll be involved in holding the ropes for the other climbers.

At the end of the session we'll wrap up, the instructor will need to de-rig, and we'll walk back to the parking together.



- If the accompanying parent or legal guardian does not want to climb, they will not need their own ticket.

- If the accompanying parent or legal guardian wants to climb too, they must purchase their own ticket (ticket name; participating parent or legal guardian).

- If adult family members/family friends of participating under 18's want to climb, they must purchase their own ticket (ticket name; participating family member/friend).

- Adults who are not known to any under 18 participant may not join this session, instead, check out our adult tasters here at Roche!

Your accommodation

No accommodation is provided for this activity but there are some places nearby

What's included


All technical safety equipment is provided. This does NOT include climbing shoes. You must have suitable footwear of your own (trainers or walking boots are fine).

Recommended items

There are public toilets a 5 minute walk along a main road from the parking.

What to bring

Warm clothing

Crags can be cold and windy (even when the sun is shining!) and you’ll want to stay warm whilst you are resting between climbs. Bring plenty of layers including a warm jacket or coat.


We will still climb in the rain! Please ensure you have waterproof trousers and a jacket (with a hood) if it is raining or rain is forecast!


This is an active session - bring some snacks!


Staying hydrated is essential, make sure to bring plenty of fluids - if it’s cold, maybe consider a thermos too.

Recommended items

Please bring your own face covering & hand sanitiser. Any personal medication (inhalers etc.). Suncream if needed. Securely fitted footwear such as walking boots or trainers that won't fall off while climbing (you will not be able to participate barefoot or in open toed footwear such as sandals or flip-flops). If you have long hair, please bring a hairband/scrunchie. You must be able to tie your hair up whilst wearing a helmet.

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