Tintagel Castle

    Forever linked with the legend of King Arthur, for centuries this dramatic castle has fired the imagination of visitors to Cornwall's rugged north coast.


    Be Inspired

    Go on a legendary adventure at Tintagel - a Cornish castle with links to the stories of King Arthur. Cross the spectacular new bridge to take in unforgettable views of the coastline and explore the history-rich headland. Walk among the castle ruins that still cling to the cliffs, find early-medieval remains and meet Gallos - the life-size bronze statue of an ancient king who keeps watch over the wild seas below.

    Soak up the natural beauty of the headland and look out for wildlife. You can often see seals playing in the water and the rugged cliffs teem with birds sheltering from the winds.

    Head down to sea level to stroll along the sandy beach and venture into Merlin's Cave. Uncover tales of King Arthur at the exhibition in the visitor centre, and enjoy a spot of locally-sourced lunch at the Beach Café.

    Tintagel Castle has fired the imaginations of writers, royals, artists and poets for hundreds of years. Now it's your turn to be inspired.

    Cross the bridge

    Begin your journey by climbing the step free path up to the mainland courtyard – the medieval gateway to the castle.

    Take in the dramatic cliff-top views, before you follow in the footsteps of Tintagel’s medieval inhabitants and cross the footbridge to the island. Explore the remains of the 13th-century castle and imagine the feasting and merriment of Richard, Earl of Cornwall’s court. Discover the ruins of the Great Hall, the heart of the castle, where Earl Richard’s guests were entertained and important business undertaken.

    Our outdoor displays guide you through the history of the castle and the role that legends have played in shaping the site. Soak up the natural beauty of this dramatic headland as you imagine life here centuries ago.

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