Urban Hunt: Padstow

New for 2023, Urban Hunt have launched one of their cryptic self-guided adventures around Padstow. Like a modern-day scavenger hunt, the trail takes you twisting through the backstreets and sneaking through secret alleys, while discovering the town's history and best independents along the way.

Sign-up is per team of 2-4 players on the Urban Hunt website and gameplay is via Facebook Messenger chat, through which you'll receive cryptic clues that make it a fun and interactive experience. Plus, there are plenty of emojis and GIFs thrown in to keep you entertained en route.

The trails open your eyes to easily overlooked places and details you’ve never given a second glance, making them fun for locals and visitors alike. Clues are designed to get you thinking, so it is recommended to work as a team to break down their meaning and find each answer.

Not only will you discover local hotspots and hidden gems, you'll finish up feeling like you've really gotten to know one of Cornwall's most iconic towns. Trails are designed to challenge adults, but are suitable for children aged 8+ and are priced per team of up to 4.

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