Delicious stars fall for Cornwall

Beautiful South East Cornwall was chosen as the location of choice for Sky 1's foodie drama, Delicious. But the camera didn't just love Cornwall, the Delicious cast loved it too...

Dawn French plays Gina
"We filmed in all sorts of beautiful areas like the Port Eliot Estate and Pentillie Castle. One day we filmed in my brother’s village, Calstock, which was nice. But the minute they told me were filming there I thought, “Uh oh, how are they going to get trucks through there?”, because it’s tiny. It’s one road in and one road out, built for horse and carts, not big trucks. But the crew were fabulous and they had vans that were three quarters of the size of the usual ones. And we tried to get in there in the early morning before the village woke up."

Iain Glen plays Leo
"I filmed in Cornwall before, doing Bad Education with Jack Whitehall, and I love the undulating countryside and beautiful coastlines. The people who live there are very proud of their county. I stayed in a lovely house and the journey into work through gorgeous winding roads was quite special."

Shelia Hancock plays Mimi
"I’m into walking and there were so many lovely walks to do when I wasn’t working, where I could just feast on the scenery. And Cornish teas have a lot to recommend them! I’m all for those. I came to Cornwall before, when I was artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare tour; Daniel Day-Lewis and I stayed in St Agnes and I fell in love with it. It was totally bleak, bare, and absolutely breath-taking. I’m a town girl but I do love signs of humanity in the country. I love dry stone walls, and the ruins of the tin mines in this bleak landscape. That history is fascinating."

Tanya Reynolds plays Teresa
"Every location was idyllic and every one seemed more beautiful than the last. It made me not want to go back to London. I went to a lovely little cove with Emilia and her daughter one day and we swam in the sea. The weather was crazy, though. One minute I was getting sunburned, the next I had heat pads under my costume."

Ruairi O’Connor plays Michael
"The food was great, I ate lots of seafood and I had my first Cornish pasty! It was absolutely delicious. Although, unfortunately, I couldn’t be eating too many of those because I had a few topless scenes!"

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