Doc Martin locations to visit

    Port Isaac in north Cornwall plays the fictional village of Portwenn in the much-loved Doc Martin TV series. Here we take in some of the locations where cameras rolled…

    Fern Cottage

    Fern Cottage
    Alongside the village of Port Isaac itself, Fern Cottage is one of the most recognisable Doc Martin locations and draws fans from all over the world keen to get a shot of Doctor Ellingham’s surgery. It is easily found in Port Isaac by walking 100 metres past the harbour and up the hill towards the coast path for Port Quin, and as well as the kudos of welcoming the blood phobic doctor, Fern Cottage enjoys impressive views over the village and natural harbour.

    Around Port Isaac

    Whilst many of the interior scenes are shot at Roscarrock Manor Farm, which is just outside Port Isaac and home to a number of sets, most notably the doctors surgery, there are still a number of star studded spots to visit (or view from afar) in Port Isaac. Stop by the Liberal Club, which is the village shop in the series.

    Or, stand in Martin Clunes’ shoes by enjoying a pint in the Golden Lion Pub, which has been used sociably by the cast and crew, as well as for filming. You may recognise it as the Crab & Lobster from the show, its fictional pseudonym.

    There are also a handful of private residences that double as locations such as Mrs Tishell’s chemist shop, which is a house called Little Dolphins in Middle Street, Central Garage on New Rd doubles as the fruit and veg shop, Louisa’s home on Fore Street and Bert’s Restaurant which is a stone’s throw from the doctors surgery. Elsewhere, Aunt Ruth’s double-fronted, white washed house can be found on Dolphin Street – number 26 to be exact!

    Of course, no visit to Portwenn.. sorry, Port Isaac, is complete without stopping on the Platt, which sits at the heart of the village by the harbour and is a regular in the series having first appeared in the very first episode for the lifeboat gala day. It's also famed for being where the Fisherman's Friends would (and still do occasionally) sing their sea shanties.

    Port Quin

    St Nonna’s Church, Altarnun
    He tried to tie the knot with Louisa at St Nonna’s Church once before but the ill-fated wedding ended in a red-faced Doc Martin jilted at the altar. The second visit is a much happier occasion and this beautiful 12th century church makes an idyllic setting. Chosen by location scouts for its position beside the Altarnun village green and river, St Nonna’s Church is known as the Cathedral of the Moor and comfortably seated the 150 extras who watched as the sweethearts walked down the aisle.

    Bodmin Moor
    The high windswept moors often feature when farming scenes are required. The area around Camelford, St Breward and across to the aforementioned Altarnun containing some of the moors most isolated communities and also its highest peaks in Brown Willy and Roughtor.

    Doydens Castle, Port Quin
    Quite possibly the most romantic place to lay your head in Cornwall, Doydens Castle is the ultimate hideaway for two. Mrs Tishell therefore thought she’d made the perfect choice when she used it to reveal her long standing crush on Dr Ellingham in the final episode of series five. But even the magic of this miniature castle positioned high up on the cliffs in Port Quin, just around the headland from Port Isaac, wasn’t enough for the doomed romantic rendezvous that she had orchestrated. The unrequited love instead led to Doc Martin revealing his true feelings for Louisa, leaving the series on a feel-good, will they, won’t they marry cliff hanger. Doydens Castle is available for holiday rental through the National Trust.

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