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As the county with the longest coastline in the whole of the UK, Cornwall – and Cornish life – is shaped by the sea. Cornish seas boast some of the most diverse, delicious and versatile seafood species our nation has to offer. But having the ocean on our doorstep offers us so much more than seafood alone. Seafood is only possible thanks to one thing; fishing. And with the story of fishing, comes the story of the fishermen, fishing communities, fishmongers, markets and merchants that make it all happen. And that’s where Seafood Cornwall comes in. A celebration of all things Cornish.

As well as these stories, we share insights, tips, updates and knowledge from everything from fishing and landings info, to seafood recipes and preparation ideas. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, peruse our Youtube channel or simply browse our website.

Seafood Cornwall is an initiative brought to life by the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organization. The CFPO is a 45-year old organization that represents over 160 vessels in the Cornish fishing fleet. But Seafood Cornwall isn’t just for CFPO members; it’s an initiative for every boat and fisherman in Cornwall, and for the many businesses that depend on and celebrate Cornish fish and seafood.

Seafood Cornwall was born from the CFPO with the aim of connecting more people with Cornish Seafood, whether that’s through storytelling of a town’s deep fishing heritage, promotion of an under-loved seafood species, or recipe videos of delicious seafood dishes to try at home.

If you’re a business in Cornwall and have a story to tell, or would like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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