The Shanaz Indian Restaurant

The Shanaz is an Indian restaurant in Truro, Cornwall. We have been serving Indian cuisine to our guests for over 25 years. We provide for various palates, from spicy curries to more mild dishes. We use fresh ingredients.

The Beginning:

The Shanaz Restaurant is an Indian curry house in the heart of Truro. We have been serving communities around Cornwall with renowned Indian dishes for over 25 years. The restaurant was started by 4 brothers. We were enthusiastic and determined to make it work. With over many years of experience in the restaurant trade, we decided it was time to make our mark on the ever-growing curry industry. Now nestled amongst the foliage of Victoria Gardens and the overarching spires of Truro Cathedral, you will find our restaurant situated in a beautiful Georgian building. Our first building was in a back alley of River Street in 1995, with the Royal Cornwall Museum barely visible from the cornered off restaurant. Seating only 30 people, this modest premises was where the journey began for The Shanaz. Long evenings were spent working those floors and serving early evening patrons to the late-night revellers, making fond memories with new friends.

Curry House:

However, as we started to establish ourselves in Truro, our customer base began to grow. In 2000, we were able to find our current and more prominent location on Edward Street. After a lot of work to restore the building, we were finally able to continue our journey. This new restaurant seated double the amount of people and as we picked up from where we left off, more and more guests started to come through those doors. We, at the Shanaz, hold our clientele close to us. Whether you are a regular and have been coming here for years or are simply interested in trying out a new Indian restaurant in Truro, we take every guest on a journey with our dishes.

Our Heritage:

Despite being an Indian restaurant, The Shanaz takes inspiration from across the Indian sub-continent. Our ideas span from the peaks of Mount Everest in the Nepalese city of Kathmandu, beyond the Pakistani valley of Peshawar, cutting through the India Gate of Delhi and all the way across to the vibrant mustard fields of Bangladesh. We integrate aspects of all these cultures into our dishes. Our restaurant serves some of the best curry in Truro from our beautiful Biryani staples to various tantalising tandoori dishes.

The Shanaz accommodates for everyone from serving a variety of vegetarian and vegan curries to adjusting your order to suit any allergies. Whether you are looking to tuck into a quick takeaway or want to indulge in a dine-in experience in our warm and cosy restaurant, we at The Shanaz are ready to welcome you.

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