Indulge your sights and senses in this dramatic garden carved into the cliff edge teetering over the stunning Lamorna Cove.

From its staggering perch on the edge of the ocean, this waterside garden tiers down in steep steps and terraces to meet sheltered woodland. A striking range of vibrant species stands out against a rugged backdrop, and as well as the spectacular sea view. Chygurno also boasts a unique decked vantage point that puts you on eye level with the treetops.

Having been unoccupied for over 20 years, the garden was little more than a cliff-edge jungle when its present owners reclaimed and replanted it in 1998. The present garden has been planted into a maze of steep pathways, steps and terraces that have been carved into the rocks.

In just three acres, a global mix of plants showcases that small is beautiful and diverse. Hardy exotics withstand the salty breeze at the top of the cliff, where, free from the frosts that reach the rest of the valley, succulent species from the southern hemisphere flourish, including banana plants, Canary Island foxgloves and silver tree ferns. Shrubs and plants that are able to survive outdoors all year round include aeoniums, aloes, agaves, vestios, proteas and lencadendrons.

As you climb down towards the woodland, more traditional camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas line the pathways, and in spring bluebells carpet the woodland. The tangle and variety of terrain makes this an ideal garden for walkers who like a bit of a challenge. Once you've got your hiking boots on, from Lamorna Cove there are plenty more coastal paths to explore, and beaches for resting weary feet. There are no refreshments available on site, but cream teas and snacks are available in the cove or alternatively, bring your own picnic whilst you sit back and soak up the spectacular views!

Just four miles south of Penzance on the B3315, follow signs for Lamorna Cove and Chygurno is tucked at the top of the hill just past The Cove Hotel and Restaurant.

Open from April to September on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2-5pm. Any other time or date by arrangement.

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