Dreaming of a Holiday?

That dream of having a holiday in Cornwall may soon be a reality again, with the latest news from the Prime Minister that lockdown will be lifted in stages over the coming months.

From what Visit Cornwall understands, from 12th April, at the earliest, a household/family will be able to stay in a self-contained property. Be it a cottage, apartment or campervan, as long as there is no sharing of facilities including communal entrances. By family we mean who you have been living with during lockdown, not other members of the family who live in different households. Regarding campervans and camping, you will also be able to do this, but campsites will have strict regulations about using wash rooms and toilets.

Also, be aware that although pubs and restaurants will be allowed to open on the 12th April, it will only be for trading outdoors.

From 17th May, at the earliest, the Rule of Six comes back into play, and two households will be able to go on holiday together. If all goes to plan this is the date when hotels, B&Bs, campsites, cinemas, restaurants and pubs etc will all be allowed to re-open. We are sure there will still be certain limitations on what you can and cannot do, but as long as we are sensible in the lead up to this date, this is the time we should be planning holidays in hotels, B&Bs and guest houses.

The Prime Minister stated on Monday that by 21st June at the earliest he hopes things should be back to normal, or at least a new normal. Here at Visit Cornwall, we want everybody to have a good summer, our members who have been desperate for visitors, you, who dream of visiting Cornwall, and also everybody who lives in Cornwall. We have not been affected by the same number of cases of coronavirus as much as the rest of the UK and we would like to keep you safe as well as our communities safe Please be careful if you come on holiday and treat Cornwall, other visitors and its people with respect, that way others will be able to enjoy it after you have gone home.

We look forward to seeing you.

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