Five Romantic Cornish Beaches

The beauty of Cornwall’s beaches is deservedly well known. There are many spectacular coves and beaches that are hidden from the crowds. Here we share five secret coves and beaches...

Bossiney Haven, Tintagel
The stunning and dramatic coast around Tintagel Castle is the stuff of legends. Tales of King Arthur and his chivalrous knights, Lancelot's secret meetings with Guinevere... Hidden among the cliffs to the east of busy Tintagel, and featuring a rock arch shaped like an elephant’s trunk is Bossiney Haven. Offering a great sweep sand at low tide (only) and secluded rocks for sunbathing, it’s well worth seeking out. (SX0662-8939)

Hemmick Beach, Gorran Haven
On the quiet south coast, reached by steep, narrow lanes from Gorran Haven, you will find this little quiet beach. It's just a short walk from a National Trust car park and it’s west facing, so enjoy glorious sunsets along the coast. Turn up early in the day and walk out to Dodman Point to take in the fantastic views from this high viewpoint before relaxing on the beach. (SW9940-4045)

Polridmouth Beach, Fowey
A hidden cove used by smugglers? a deserted beach where secret lovers meet? This was the beach to which the author Daphne Du Maurier would walk when she wanted inspiration for her novels. It has to be walked to, either by a Mediaeval trackway from a small carpark or via the South West Coast Path from Fowey. Much of the beach is reclaimed by the sea at high tide, which divides the beach into two distinct, small beaches, but there's always somewhere to sit and enjoy the view. (SX1035-5046)

Priests Cove, Cape Cornwall
Not the quietest beach in our list, or the sandiest, but come here in on a summers evening and watch the sunset behind the Brison's, two rocky outcrops, a mile out to sea and you won't be dissapointed. Climb up to the Cape itself and take in the view up the coast, a stunning landscape of high cliffs and ruined engine houses, where you can pretend you are Ross Poldark and Demelza... (SW3523-3171)

Lankidden Cove, Kennack, Lizard
Last but not least, A pleasant walk along along a stretch of virtually untouched Cornish coastline from Kennack Sands brings you to the remote cove at Lankidden, sheltered by a rugged headland and home to golden sand. These are perfect places to hide away amongst the shattered rocks before a dipping your toes in the clear sea. Please check the tide times before visiting, as at high tide there's no beach here at all. (SW7562-1665)

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